Google cloud consulting services

Cloud storage has been an expected evolutionary choice for many in recent years, in terms of providing easier access from multiple locations, lowering maintenance, and staffing costs, offering strong and straightforward security measures and minimising data loss. Google Cloud Storage provides a consistent API, potential, and speed across storage classes, with a diversity of choices to maximise your business outcomes. Moving your business forward requires a comprehensive approach to your customer’s Cloud solution. We all know that every unique customer demands a detailed evaluation of its environment. Using the secure, high-performance, and cost-effective Google Cloud Platform infrastructure enables them to plan well ahead.
Why Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?
With multitudes of services and tools to offers, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) at present day is one of the most popular and globally used cloud computing platforms along with others such as AWS Cloud, Azure, etc. Organizations of all sizes can make use of the services and solutions offered by the platform to grow their business performance to next level and put their business on the path to digital transformation.
Also, Google cloud services comes with an exceptionally reliable and secure infrastructure that helps keep your data highly protected and allows you to focus on other business works. When it comes to cost-effectiveness Google Cloud Platform fits right into budget. Like all other cloud platforms, you only have to pay for the services you use. Storage, Big Data, Compute, and Services are the four categories of products GCP offers to its users.

Cost-Effective Soultion: Compared to classified data centres, Google Cloud Platform helps decrease your IT spend to a great extent. By using Google Cloud Platform, you only have to pay for the service you use, instead of pre-purchased resources.
Highly Secure Platform: With built-in high security data features, the GCP protects your data, identities, and applications. All the data in transit are encrypted and only authorized persons will have access to it.
Improved Performance: With the Google Cloud Platform, at the same time multiple users can access and work on projects. Developers can easily build, deploy, and test applications, thereby increasing efficiency.
Community Support: Google Cloud Platform has a huge and thriving community of active users and partners all over the world.
Automatic Backups: With Google Cloud Platform, users can set up automatic daily backup by configuring an automatic backup script. Having regular backups helps to keep your data safe and protected in case of any type of disasters.
Flexible To Work: Since data is stored in the cloud, employees have full access to useful information across devices, thereby allowing them to work from anywhere at any time.

Google Cloud’s suite of technologies provides solutions for infrastructure and software modernization for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Under Google Cloud platform services, we at Peritos Solutions offer full-stack services for achieving transformative outcomes from cloud adoption and help you with:
•    Development of cloud-native applications for diverse industry processes
•    Scalable cloud transformations that grow along and reduce operation costs
•    Better user experience with refreshed UX/UI and seamless information access
•    98.8% customer satisfaction rate

As an authorized Google Cloud Partner, we support customers to analyse the actual benefits of Google Cloud Platform products in their own environments. We assist the customer mainly on Storage services, Computing, and hosting services as well as on Network services. Our experts are ready to help you with archiving and uploading your data, assisting you with analysing, streaming, or hosting services, as well as with getting your selected tools and applications up and running fast and safely.
We offer end-to-end consulting services and solutions for businesses building critical cloud solutions using Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With our Google cloud consulting services, we cover an endless opportunity to manage, mine, analyse and utilize the cloud. And being a Google Cloud Partner, you will be working hand in hand with our cloud consulting experts who help to build the Google Cloud infrastructure. GCP provides the fastest time to value, whether it is GCP migration for the first time, providing round-the-clock management service environments, or leveraging for business value through automation and analytics. Peritos provides solutions that are based on proven methodologies and standards for a successful implementation of the cloud.

Why Choose Perito’s Google Cloud Consulting Services?
Our expertise and unique work processes can help you focus on your business operations, legacy systems, in-house expertise and achieve cloud objectives.
•    Help expand your application lifecycle
•    Cost-effective and reliable Google Cloud consulting services
•    Highly experienced and skilled cloud engineers.
•    Proven expertise in successfully completing several projects.
•    Our cloud engineers are available to provide support 24/7

We have partnered with Google Cloud Platform to offer the latest technological tools for streamlining your cloud operations. Whether you work on AI, machine learning, or the internet of things, we manage it all in the best viable way. Avail of the benefits of effective Google Cloud services offered with Perito’s innovative solutions. Call us today for more details.

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