Google Map Features Snake Game for April Fool Day

Every year developers and programmers come up with unique tricks and pranks for April Fools Day and this year is no exception as many gamers observed a number of pranks conducted by different developers.

On April 1st, a number of pranks took place across different platforms to celebrate the April Fools Day spirit. Such jokes included unexpected pop-up of Ash Ketchum in Pokemon GO title, and Google is no behind then Niantic as Google also featured a new snake game to their Google Map services.

Previously Google partnered with well-known rapper-singer Snoop Dogg for the April Fools celebration and made an exclusive 3D picture duplication prank with YouTube.

Continuing such series of pranks, this time developers at Google Map have designed an exclusive Snake Game which features different vehicles like bus and trains in place of the Snake in famous cities and towns.

It is entirely exciting to observe that various cities across the globe have their separate unique vehicles in place of the snake. Prominently Cairo and Sydney had featured trains on the Google Map and on the other hand, cities in London highlighted the trademark Double Decker bus.

It was a delight for many to experience commuter train in Tokyo, but the most exciting inclusion was the Iconic Trolleys at the streets of San Francisco.  Moreover, Google developers have also included famous world locations as a center for additional bonus points for players to enjoy the retro Snake game.

This April Fools day players can play the exclusive game developed by Google on Google map, and if suited gamers can even access the world map to witness various transit modules available and utilize them in place of a snake.

Although it is no Mortal Kombat or Mario Kart title for players to experience this April Fools Day, still inevitably Google has introduced an entertaining snakes game for gamers to enjoy while accessing the Google Map.

Inevitably many other developers have also come up with different pranks and tricks to entertain people on April Fools as last year even many such jokes were pulled off by various studios.

Previously many great plans have been conducted like the merger of Pokemon Eevee with Tekken 7 or the CD Projekt Red revealing their latest Designer of Game Environments to the masses.

Apart from the April Fools day, Google has been promoting new Google Stadia Streaming Service for gamers. Although not much is unveiled for these services but surely by featuring the classic Snake game Google is fooling every individual out there who used their Google map services during the 1st of April.

Reddit posts have showcased a number of different regions on Google Map with varying icons of transit flashing on the top, and users were even able to move such vehicles around the world map and play the snake game with only one difference that the background of the game was set as the world map.

According to many, Google comes out with ideas out of the box and tend to support all types of festivals and brings interactive ways to communicate with its audience and celebrate alongside with their users and in the similar fashion, they celebrated the April Fools day in their unique style.

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