Google Nest Wifi Review

In this article, we will discuss Google’s Nest Wifi, which has some impressive features. It is a high-speed, whole-home reception and easy to set up Wifi. Although it may seem a bit pricey to some individuals, it will provide very impressive wireless performance throughout your home.

Google Nest Wifi

Google’s Nest Wifi is one of the excellent options among the Wifi facilities. It was released in 2019 lately. This Wifi has improved version of the original Wifi hardware of Google, and it provides faster speeds than many of the Wifi facilities available out there. The more-improved hardware setup of this Wifi can easily blend with your home atmosphere compared to the other Wifi available in the market.

Even though it is a bit more pricey compared to the other Wifi systems, it is a value for money product as it delivers complete house network coverage. It gives high-speed performances, has an impressive and robust hardware design along with a foolproof process for setting up.

Google Nest Wifi: Design

Google Nest Wifi: Design

The design of the Google Nest Wifi is simple and clear cut. Nowadays, the structure of the Wifi routers has changed a lot compared to the ones we use to see earlier. They used to come up with an attached antenna or very complex design.

The Google Nest Wifi can be considered as a huge marshmallow shaped Wifi router. It has a simple design with rounded rectangular dimensions of 4.3 * 4.3 * 3.6 inches. You will see a “G” logo on its top and an LED light for indication. It has a rubberized base at the bottom, and you will see a cutout portion where two Ethernet ports and the power adapter are placed.

If you want to extend the Wifi signal throughout your home, you can pair with the slightly smaller Wifi points available there on the router. The router also comes with a built-in Google assistant.

Google Nest Wifi: Setup Process

Google Nest Wifi has a hassle-free setup process. This is pretty impressive. You need to plug the Wifi router into the power adapter. Then you have to connect it with your modem by using the Ethernet cable that you will receive in the box. Then download the Google Home app on your handset, and the application will find out the nearby devices and will guide you further regarding the procedure for connecting.

Google Nest Wifi: Connectivity

Google Nest Wifi: Connectivity

Google Nest Wifi provides smooth surfing. Generally, other traditional routers give you two varying speeds, and you can choose from them, with which you want to connect your device. If you connect with the network having 2.4GHz bandwidth, it will have lower speed, but it can reach farther. But if you connect with a network having 5GHz bandwidth, you will get high-speed connections, but then it will not be able to reach farther.

On the other hand, Google Nest Wifi can combine two different bands to form a single network. It then chooses among them the stronger band automatically. The Google Nest Wifi can simultaneously support over 100 devices at a time. Google Nest Wifi is simple and easy to the Wifi router with impressive performance.

Google Nest Wifi: Price

Yes, Google Nest Wifi is not as cheap as you think. You will have to pay a reasonable amount to have access to Google Nest Wifi. The price for the router is $169. However, if you want to get hands-on the Wifi point bundle as well, along with the router, then you will have to spend $269 in total for both. If you want to purchase a set of two router packs, then you can get them at a combined price of $299. If you want to get a single router but along with two Wifi points, then you may have the collective bundle for $349. The two Wifi points will be over 5,400 sq. Ft. If you want an additional Wifi point for using on any of the systems, you can get it at $149.

If you are getting a smooth and impressive experience, that is exceptionally well, compared to your previous router setup then surely you will not hesitate in grabbing this Wifi router irrespective of its price. And of course, if you are paying a bit more amount compared to other routers, you are getting a good experience too, as it will have all the capabilities of network handling.


We will recommend you to go for this Wifi router if you are planning to switch from your old router to a new one. Google Nest Wifi can provide you with a reliable and robust connection throughout your home, without any network disturbances.


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