Google Stadia: All the Latest Updates and Features

Last year, at Game Developers Conference (GDC), Google announced the arrival of Google Stadia – a game streaming service that supports every screen the world owns. It is Google’s best attempt to ensure the users that they can play AAA games on laptops, PCs, phones, and television. Since Google runs the games, the world of high-quality graphics-integrated gaming experience unleashes. Unfortunately, Stadia doesn’t support VR gaming yet.

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Since it’s a cloud-based service, it can be streamed seamlessly on any platform, including Chromecast Ultra, Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixel phones, Asus phones, and OnePlus handsets as well. In June 2020, Google confirmed that Android users wouldn’t be devoid of their services. Users can effortlessly switch between the devices while playing games without losing their points. Until July, all the features and benefits applied to Wi-Fi connection only. The company started to test their services on 4G and 5G connectivity. Now, users can use their mobile data to try the latest cellular support on the Stadia app itself. After installing the Google Stadia app, click on the avatar, and select Experiment to test the mobile data services.

These were some of the basics and software integration of the service. Below, we have mentioned the details about hardware and some salient features of Stadia:

  • The cloud-based service does not discriminate between the devices and offers similar gaming experience, regardless. But, make sure you have a stable internet connection. Also, the graphics can automatically tweak itself based on the device you use.
  • At the conference, Google mentioned that Stadia uses a customized AMD 2.7GHz x86 processor with 16GM of RAM that gives up to 484GB/s of transfer speed. The GPU on Stadia has 10.7 teraflops of power. However, enjoying the game in 4K is possible in the Chromecast Ultra device only.
  • Another unique feature Stadia launched is Crayta that will allow the users or players to create and share games at any moment. Some noteworthy features include Google assistant support, in-game achievements, and game sharing. Purchased games can also be shared with family and friends from any device.

All of these inputs have created a buzz in the market, making Google Stadia the most potent service when compared to any gaming console. Due to the hardware used in Stadia, the device will go easy on updates making it an ideal choice for everyone. Google claims to offer 8K gaming experience in the future, but the exact details have not been specified yet.

Moreover, if you want a proper gaming experience, it will be ideal to invest in Stadia’s proprietary controller for $69 only. Connect it to Wi-Fi on Google’s servers for a lag-free experience. Connect the controller using a USB cable, or wirelessly with the Chromecast Ultra.

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