Google Teaming Up With EA & Adidas for New Jacquard Product

“Google, EA, and Adidas Team Up for New Project”

Google is collaborating with the Soccer arm of Adidas and EA Sports’ FIFA mobile brand to launch a new product that will be powered by Jacquard technologies. The news was revealed by 9To5 Google and it stated that Google is planning to launch the second generation of fabric input technology of Jacquard. The teaser was released by Google in a social media campaign revealing the partnership of the Advanced Technology & Projects group with the football division of Adidas and the team of EA sports specifically responsible for the FIFA Mobile soccer game.

The new touch-sensitive fabric to be introduced by Google will be named Jacquard and Adidas will take the responsibility for designing the fabric having embedded with the fibers of Jacquard. The embedded Jacquard fibers would have the exceptional features could accept brush up or down along with cover gestures and double-tap. The sensor input which was processed and communicated to the phone of users was introduced the last September with a smaller Jacquard tag. Now, it has been revealed that after looking over the record of sportswear manufacturer, the collaborating team is looking for an athletic jacket or track one.

Jacquard fabrics most probably will be designed to serve the need of tech enthusiasts and use the first platform using full-scale digital technology for creating footwear, apparel and other essentials of the everyday. Google along with its collaborating partners are using advance technology of software and hardware along with unique materials and know-how of textile manufacturing. Among the several Jacquard based products introduced till now includes the Trucker Jacket will we appeared on the Levi’s and will allow to play music, answer the call and also taking photos just right from your sleeve. The exceptional digital facilities are also available on the Saint Laurent backpack of Google but the new teaser is suggesting that Google is intending to introduce the first athletic apparel which is based on Jacquard technology.

It may be speculated that the new apparel will also connect to FIFA Mobile in some way which will help the users by providing them with game bonuses if they will wear the apparel while doing exercise or playing soccer.  If we look into an impression provided by Dieter Bohn about the announced apparels, it is found that the smart sleeve jacket of Levi is finally released for sale and it looks very nice while wearing and able to facilitates controlling the Smartphone also. Most probably, the product has targeted the people who often commutes by bike. If we look into the marketing strategy of Google and Levi, then they both are eager to not only told you the design story of the new apparel but also equally telling you about the technology used in it.

Meanwhile, the EA portion has suggested the inclusion of new gaming use for Jacquard along with the tagline of play connected. However, there were some restrictions earlier on the controlling notifications and music in everyday situations but now it could result in a new method of interaction for the soccer title. The users and techno-savvy community are waiting eagerly for the launch of new products and it will be interesting to see how people’s athletic community responds to the products.

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