Google’s Latest Pixel Features Include a Safety Check for When You’re Walking Alone

Google has announced the new features of its smartphone, Pixel. Google stated that there are several new features about to get added in the Pixel Smartphone, including the safety check feature. The feature is developed for the security concern of the users; the safety check will ask the users about their condition while they are alone. The users can set up the time for the feature to re-check the status of the users.

The feature is apparent to be quite lovely, and when its checking time arrives, it spreads over the display and asks the users about their status. The users have to say OK if they are feeling well during the time of emergency, if they are unable to respond to Safety Check, then it will automatically inform 911 alongside your family member within a minute about your location. However, the feature will take at least 1 minute to record your response and after that, if you were unable to say OK, then it will start calling your emergency contacts or 911.

However, the feature seems out to be more for the users with a severe medical problem, but Google has added it to their Pixel device. The users who are quite old or facing health-related issues may not be interested in purchasing the latest generation Pixel phone; maybe their family members buy one for their concern, but we are pretty sure that they don’t even think about it. Thus, the initiative of Google seems quite inappropriate to provide the safety check feature in Pixel smartphones.

Although the safety check is not the only feature that has been included in the Pixel smartphones, there are various new features updated, and like the safety check, bedtime mode is also in demand. Thus, Google has fulfilled the demands of the Pixel’s users and finally updated the device with bedtime mode. The feature will automatically silent your device when you fall asleep, and the moment you start using your phone, it will reset the settings.

However, it is not the first time when Google has provided a safety-related feature to its users. Previously, they have included the car-crash detection feature, which proves quite relevant to numerous users.

However, there are several features already available in the market that grants emergency texting and call, but these features are not proven to be much effective. Similarly, iOS, as well as Android ‘s store, has various apps like safety check. Thus, the initiative led by Google to develop a specific in-built feature for the Pixel smartphones is not going to intrigue a lot of users. Let us wait and see how the Pixel fans and users react to it after it is released.


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