Got to Go Green by 2050 – The UK Govt. Net Zero Strategy

As more and more greenhouse gases are released to the environment, thanks to the burning of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, etc.) and cutting down of forests, we are dangerously on the verge of losing control over the planet’s climate for good. Devastating floods, fires, crop failure, rising sea levels causing mass migrations, are just a few destructive effects of rising temperatures around the World.

It is high time now that the humans inhabiting the planet, taking advantage of its vast resources, start giving back to nature! With this in mind, the Net Zero Strategy of the UK Government aims to decarbonise the UK Economy by 2050, in accordance with the Climate Change Act of 2008. As the host of COP26 (UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, 2021), The UK has proudly shown the World that green and growth go hand in hand. 120 World Leaders and over 40,000 registered participants, tirelessly worked together at the conference and later to form the “Glasgow Climate Pact”, announcing new deals in relation to forests, methane, cars, coal and private finance. Being the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, UK intends to also be the first on the planet to bring about the imminent “Green Industrial Revolution”.

However, for this to work, the citizens of The United Kingdom need to work hand-in-hand with the government. According to the “Going Green” report by UK Onward, “the Climate Change Committee’s 6th Carbon Budget implies that individual actions will be responsible for one third of the fall in the UK’s future emissions by 2050.”  This is because 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the UK are from domestic properties. Recognizing this fact, the UK Government’s Net Zero Strategy makes sure to provide free choice to individuals to upgrade their heating systems, fair carbon pricing, direct Gov grants for A-rated boilers, and help businesses to bring down costs of low carbon technology. To achieve this Zero Emission target, the UK Government needs to modernize the heating systems of 2 houses per minute by 2035. To this end and with the current cost of living predicament in mind, Gov UK Grants for Heating and Insulation are one way that the Government intends to ensure that households can afford heating their homes while going green. It’s your turn to make a difference today with full support from the Gov UK Grants.


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