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Death is compared to the final battle which a person fights in his life. If we talk of life, then life begins from the initial phase of taking birth, then a match starts a battle in which a person puts the complete efforts and hard work. In high school, the child moves in for a different fight, and likewise, the wars keep on coming, and life keeps resurfacing. Once a Greek philosopher very well said that life is the essence that floats when the weight of hardships tries to put you down. So, life is very well defined as a battle that seeks to find the person his best self and pursue it to lead life happily.

Death is considered a good omen and a terrible omen. Both because it is referred to as a journey from one life to another. Every religion holds a different ritual and tradition, which signifies the begin of travel to other life. Christianity is the oldest religion and one of the widely practiced faiths throughout the country; the people seek Christian Funeral Services in Sydney etc. A Funeral holds various meanings: –

  • Tribute to the memories

People remember the memories which they create with the deceased one


  • Cherishing the memories with the deceased one

Remembering all those golden moments that went in the ease and flick of time.


  • Passing gratitude

Sharing the respect and thanksgiving for the person


  • Thanking to the great deeds done by person

The events embarking the person’s deeds and hard-work.

Each religion follows the different traditions and patterns that enable them to understand the practices and afterlife journey, many firms that organize funerals lack this feature, like many Traditions Funeral in Sydney and many other countries. The Funeral is supposed to be completed with all the traditions and the chants appropriately done. If the traditions are followed correctly, then the person’s path to heaven becomes more comfortable, and the person can leave on the way of petals to the shadow of a god.

Life is a beautiful journey, and it needs to be completed and should be ended with a tag of happiness that symbolizes the hardships faced in the struggles and makes it evident that the person has done good deeds. A funeral is a ceremony that makes the people recall the time they spent with their loved ones and the wonderful tales the left behind to be versed. Life is a majestic journey, and we should make our best to make every moment worth the struggle that defines it all.

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