Grab A NICT CSP BC and Look to Participate in the Rural Banking Growth Story

The migration to the cities in search of livelihood is perhaps common amidst the rural educated youth but this now seems to be a thing of the past. The RBI in tandem with the government authorities have undertaken initiatives, which allow the rural youth to earn decent money right at the village level. We would like to state that they have introduced the rural banking theme and it allows the village youth to earn money alongside serving society. They have given leverage to the bank to appoint bank mitra positions amidst educated but unemployed youths at the village level. You can take up this position and henceforth make a career with the Indian banking industry NICT CSP BC closer to home.  Let me now take you through the role of a bank mitra in detail.

It is about offering formal banking to the rural population:

There is plenty of cash generated in the rural parts of the country but the absence of banks in the hinterland has led to the rise of chit fund companies in these parts. The business volumes of NICT CSP BC Apply can be slightly on the lower side and a branch may find it unprofitable to operate in the interiors. This is precisely where the role of a bank mitra is felt. He/she operates on a much smaller scale and at times it could just be a single individual operating on behalf of the bank at the CSP. This is just the reason why this format has been able to cut down on costs and the bank mitra can operate the CSP at a profit.

How can you take up this position?

There is surely some criterion required prior to you taking up this position. The guidelines issued by the authorities say that you must be unemployed but with the basic idea of computer application. Computer literacy is a must because your NICT CSP BC apply will have to be done online. The next area of focus is a CSP point and you will need it. It is a location, which can operate as a premise from where you offer banking services to the village folk. It is a retail outlet and you must be selective in choosing the place. It should be at some significant distance from any branch of a national bank. One must note that if there is a national bank branch in close vicinity, the villagers with the intent to associate with banking may contact them directly. Hence, there is a need to select the CSP location wisely.

You can offer a lot more than basic banking:

We would like to say that this post offers scope of work beyond just banking. Hence, there are more reasons to place the application for Bank CSP Apply . You can offer basic banking but on a smaller scale in terms of monetary transactions. It is alongside there is scope to sell insurance policies for government companies such as LIC. There is also scope to sell registered government pension plans. You could also sell recharge coupons for mobile connection. Hence, there is plenty to do and the commission payouts are lucrative. One can feel that this is a nice career prospective for the educated village youth.

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