Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Enter the USS Luxington Business Battle Safely

Grand Theft Auto Online has provided plenty of new content for players along with the ongoing “Los Santos Summer Special” update. To earn a reputation and to increase the level, players have to complete several missions. The new special update brought some new cars and missions, but apart from this, now players can access the “Business Battles” as well. The Business Battle is happening at the aircraft carrier “USS Luxington.”

This new Business Battle of GTA Online offers plenty of great prizes to players that include some useful goods for night clubs, cash bonuses worth $10,000. Players can earn some great bonus items according to their finishing time of the mission. Approaching the USS Luxington could be one of the biggest troubles for players. It is necessary to be careful while approaching USS Luxington because some extremely powerful weapons are defending the floating aircraft carrier.

Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Enter the USS Luxington Business Battle Safely


Even if you casually move towards the USS Luxington, the powerful, threatening weapons will aim at you to eliminate you. Some of the players have tried to avoid the attacks and failed, but some experienced players have figured out that Luxington doesn’t shoot the freefalling players. The defenses of the ship only shoot the parachuting players and vehicles. So in this condition, you simply have to freefall on ship sneakily and open the parachute at the very last second.

Before landing on the USS Luxington, it is also important to locate the vessel. Now, this huge vessel can be located at the most south-eastern corner of the map in water following the “Los Santos International Airport.” Before moving on to the location, keep all the necessary equipment with you, especially the parachute.

You are also allowed to use the new materials that Los Santos Summer Special update has added in GTA Online. These new items might help you in the mission to complete easily. After getting all the necessary items for Business Battle, you need to follow these steps:

  • Get inside the airplane and fly it to the southeast following the “Los Santos International Airport.”
  • Jump out the airplane once you are above the USS Luxington.
  • Open your parachute at the very last moment.

If you open your parachute while free-falling, the defenses will shoot you to the end. So until you reach very close to the base, don’t open the parachute for safety. The defenses can only target the big size objects, so it will surely fail to target a free-falling player. Even if the defenses failed to detect you, it is still necessary for you to do a safe landing. You can fall directly on the surface if you don’t open the parachute at the right time.

Once you successfully land on the board, you have to play it like every other mission. Just eliminate a large number of enemies and collect the loot. The following mission will provide plenty of great loot rewards and some new items to wear. You can check your inventory to see new earned rewards after completing the mission.Conclusion – The Los Santos Summer Special has added some great missions and cool rewards for players. The Los Santos Summer Special is only available for a few days, so it is the right time to earn rewards by completing easy and small missions. GTA franchise is one of the most admired franchises in the gaming industry. Players who love to play unique missions, they should try GTA Online.

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