Grand Theft Auto Online: How to Get the Purple and Green Martian Bodysuit

There’s indeed a rivalry going on in Rockstar’s online world. If you have played Grand Theft Auto Online, then you must know how players are desperate to get the “Alien Suit” to choose a side in the rivalry. There’s an unofficial conflict going on between purple and green factions started by a few very small meme creators of GTA Online. However, the content was blown up, and a battle between two groups spread like fire.

The players operated the complete situation, but eventually, Rockstar recognized the show and offered the alien suit to players for a limited time. During the time of the offer, the purple and green suit was available on a great deal, but now it normally costs GTA $300,000 for each purchase. Indeed, it’s a huge amount for the suit, but if any player wants to get involved in this war, they will have the alien suit anyhow.


Firstly you need to locate the clothing store on the map of GTA Online. On the map, you’ll see a t-shirt icon. Once you reach and enter into the clothing shop, walk towards the counter. There you will see several types of outfits. Slide down the outfits’ list, and in the end, Green and Purple Martian Suit will appear. Tap on the Buy Now option, and Alien Suit will be added to your outfit collection. You can wear the suit instantly, or if you want some time to pick the side, you can wear it later.

Along with the Suit, there is a weapon that completes the suit named “Pool Cue.” To get the weapon, you have to locate the Ammu-Nation store. On the map, you can find several Ammu-Nation stores. Enter in any closest Ammu-Nation store and move towards the counter. The seller will show you plenty of weapons but keep sliding until you see the melee weapon on the screen’s left side. Now choose the Pool Cue weapon, and your Allen Suit will complete.

GTA Online is popular for many reasons, but the war between green and blue teams is not new. However, no one focused on the incident in the past, but now on the internet, everyone can scroll easily to see what’s happening.

Indeed, the price of Alien Suit is too high, but in GTA, it’s easy for almost every player to invest this much money in no time. Players have numerous ways to earn in GTA Online. You earn money by killing, completing storyline missions, short missions, casinos, and many more ways.


Rockstar is fully aware of the situation that’s happening between the green and purple team. Indeed it improves the popularity of the game and interest of players as well. However, now players are adding in this green and purple team scenario even more, and probably it will create more hype regarding Alien Suit.

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