Graphic Design tips for small businesses in Perth


Is it important for small business to have good graphic design? Yes! Because graphic design is a beast of the modern era. We are living in a world where you look at images and visuals all around. In the given competitive environment, designing is more important than ever especially for the small business who are thriving hard to compete with bigger brands. Designing is now the most important part of marketing and it can push the clients away if not done properly. Let’s dive in the effective graphic design tips to enhance your small business in Perth.

1. Making strong first impressions:

It only takes less than a second for a customer to make an impression and decide whether to like or dislike your website. Hence, it’s very important to have a strong first impression as graphic designing on your homepage will lead the customer to decide whether to buy your product or not. You can start with the appealing logo design, business cards, social media posts, online ads, etc.

The new consumer who comes to your website may do swift research about your brand before they buy the product. The effective graphic design not only leads to increased conversion rate but it may also lead to positive impression, hence resulting in sales.

2. Knowing the purpose of your design

It’s really important for the business to know is core purpose or objective before moving towards the Graphic designer in Perth. Every purpose has different graphic design. Purpose is the road towards the structure of the design. Clearer you’re about your purpose more effectively you’ll design the post.

Sometimes the purpose of the designed post is to increase the sales and sometime it can be to generate the awareness. Both the different purposes should have different graphics to appeal customers. Hence, to have appropriate and appealing graphic design you should be very clear about the purpose of the graphic design.

3. Using Your Brand Colours

Colors are one of the most important elements that can be used as the key in graphic design to attain customer attraction. Every brand has a specified colour which depicts its personality, and it’s important to use them in your graphic designs as colour play a vital role in designing.

graphic design perth design tips – using your brand colours


Colours can impact the perception of customers as they have a tendency to change the mood, break the design and even stimulate the emotions. According to recent research 90% of customers make decisions based on the color of the product.

If you don’t have any specific brand color then you can use color that goes with your brand personality and communicates the brand message. The role of the colors in the designing is very crucial, and adding too many colors will make you design look too bright or exciting.

Too many colors in one graphic design ends up making your design look chaotic and unappealing, hence leaving a bad impression on your consumers. It’s better to keep your color count to one or two like many famous brands i.e. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, American eagle, etc.

4. Using consistent fonts

Fonts are as important as colors and play a vital role in design. While using the fonts in the design, you should keep in mind that font should match your brand personality and as well should be easy to read. No matter how attractive your design is, an inappropriate font may end up losing potential customers.

Moreover, it’s very important to use one finalized font throughout the designs either its website, logo, digital marketing, social media posts, online ads or business card. Consistency helps the customers to recognize you and retains the message in their mind. Hence, while designing the graphic for brand you should stick to one or maximum two fonts to attain effective visuals.

5. Keeping it simple


It’s one of the biggest misconceptions in design that the word being “simple” means keeping it plain. Well, that’s not true. In the world of design simplicity means no fluff, keeping it real and easy to understand for customers. Take any big brand like Apple, Facebook or Nike. What makes them stand out among other brands is their simple, clean and meaningful designs. It helps customers to understand the message more easily and helps to retain it.

When a customer comes to your website, it takes only a few seconds to view and anything complicated may lead to distracting customers, hence dropping interest in the website or product. It’s very important to keep things simple yet attractive enough to lead customers towards purchase. Same goes with other graphic designs related to your business like logo, social media posts, online ads, business cards, etc. The graphic design should speak for itself and should be defined enough to deliver the message at one sight. For consistent yet simple graphic design you can create a mood board and keep your ideas in one place so that you can easily generate design whenever needed, without any hassle.

6. Get inspiration from popular brands and influencers

It’s very important to keep your mind open and keep an eye on competitive the environment. Getting inspiration from influencers and other popular brands is always helpful when it comes to graphic designing. Every brand tells a story, and influencers share their tips and tricks to be successful. To get the information about what other popular brands and influencers are doing in the market you can always look into their social media i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Getting the inspiration from such brands will help you make meaningful and effective graphic design which would help you cope in the competitive business environment.


graphic designer perth design tips for small businesses – get inspiration from the big brands

Most people think that good design is just a good visual but in real design is just not what it looks like. Infect, it’s much more than that, it’s about how it makes you customers feel and how it influences that. Take an example of successful brands like Apple, Nike, Starbucks, etc. They are on the top of the game for a reason. It’s just not about their product but also about effective designing strategy. Look into what these kind of brands do to be the market leader and take inspiration from them to enhance your design. While taking inspiration from other brands make sure not to copy their design. It’ll impact your brand negatively rather than building a positive image.

7. Keeping it Creative

In this era of technology, it’s really hard to stand out in a highly competitive and saturated market. The one best way to get yourself recognized among hundreds and thousands of brands is to be creative. Now the first question pops up in a mind is how to be creative? Well, the creativity not only lies in the design but also in the implementation. Come up with something unique, something new, and something which may catch customer’s attention and be creative in delivering that something to the customers.

To be creative firstly you need to know about the customer’s needs and interests, and then you need to think out of the box that how you could uniquely meet the needs of the customer by delivering the message that is appealing. You can creatively design the graphics to tell the story of your brand, throw some ideas. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you can’t rush creativity. You need to give the process time to develop before designing any graphic.

8. Using Modern Tools

We’re living in the world with the overwhelming power of technology. Mind blowing changes are happening in every field at the speed of light due to technology. Same goes for the design. Technology has given use many tools to make our designing easy and effective.


graphic design perth design tips – use modern tools

many more. The best thing about these tools both beginners and professionals can use them. Following are few handy tools for graphic designing:

Adobe Photoshop (Editing tool)

Proofhub (proofing tool)


Fotor (designing tool)

Marvel – Prototyping tool

Sublime text – Text editor

Github – Software development platform

Webflow – Responsive web design tool

Coolors – Color scheme generator


It’s very important for the small business to have effective graphic designs to illustrate blog posts, enrich marketing content and enhance landing pages. But the biggest challenge for small business is the budget. They don’t want to spend enough on the good graphic designing. Neither you need to be a wizard nor you need to spend too much for effective graphic designing. If you need a local graphic designer Perth who can deliver excellent graphic design services on time and on your budget, please contact us.

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