Great experience at Puerto Vallarta

Cruising the blue waters in a yacht and visiting different places is a great experience. But sailing in the blue waters using a luxury private lunch is a whole different feeling. Yes, now you can rent your Renta Yates Privados Puerto Vallarta. You can visit all the remote beaches of your wish, snooker with fishes, etc. as you want with a private yacht for rental at Puerto Vallarta. Here is all you need to know about a private yacht for rent in Puerto Vallarta.


It is a 46 ft luxury yacht that is now available for private charters. This means that you can rent the boat for the day for your group. A 46 ft luxury yacht holds a maximum of 18 people.

Specs of the yacht

  • A closed cabin with an AC
  • An enclosed bathroom
  • A leather couch a TV and a stereo
  • A full bathroom with a shower
  • Two fishing rods
  • A kitchen with a freezer
  • Crew cabin
  • A captain and a mate
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • A cooler with ice

With all these impressive specs, then you should not forget to pack your bags with

  • A swimsuit and a towel

These are essential for swimming. More also, it would be best if you had a towel after a shower.

  • Hat and sunglasses

Well, there is nothing as breathtaking as sitting in the sun with your hat on and some sunglasses. Just great.

  • A camera

Well, with all the tours and visiting new and beautiful places you will need a camera. All these memories are captured.

  • Money for food drinks shopping and tips

Well, you need to carry extra money for snacks, food, and drinks. If you need an additional pack in the yacht, you can request, but there are additional charges of $50.00.

The snack pack comes with

  • Two six-packs of beer
  • Ten bottles of water
  • Ten sodas
  • Two bags of ice
  • Five bags of chips

The prices of this private yacht are

  • 4 hours @ 1150
  • 6 hours @ 1750
  • 8 hours @ 2300

If you choose your destination as the Marieta islands, there is an additional marine park bracelet charge of $5 per person.

NOTE: all kids are welcome

There are more Puerto Vallarta Yates Privados en Renta. Check out their page, yacht charters at Puerto Vallarta, and get to choose which charter suites you best. Depending on the number of people you have on your group, there are various yachts for that. They all come with different packages.

Puerto Vallarta private yacht charters all depart from Marina Vallarta. This is near the cruise ship. Additionally, when you book a tour with them, they will send you the exact directions after being confirmed.

In conclusion, if you are in Puerto Vallarta and you want to visit beaches take tours, hang out with your friends then consider taking a Renta de Yates en Punta de Mita. You will get to have a luxurious experience to create memories and cruise in a luxury yacht’s blue waters.


Find more information relating to Puerto Vallarta Yates Privados en Renta, and Renta de Yates en Punta de Mita here.

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