Greek Crumbles Market – Global Industry Report, 2031

Greek Crumbles Market Forecast and CAGR

According to the latest research by Transparency Market Research, the Greek crumbles market is set to witness positive growth during 2021-2031. The demand for Greek crumbles is expected to increase due to the nutritional awareness about dairy-free Greek crumbles. Urbanisation and increasing disposable income of a consumers in across all region of the world also a factor of significant growth in the fast-food industry where the growth of Greek crumbles takes place.

What is Driving Demand for Greek Crumbles?

European, North American, and Oceania countries are expected to drive the global market of Greek crumbles. The reason being people from these regions are concerned about the healthy and nutritional diet and also people of these regions consume a lot of fast food such as; Pizza, burgers, garlic bread, tacos, sandwiches, etc. where the Greek crumbles can be used in huge quantity which also lead to increase in the demand of Greek crumbles.

Developing markets like India, China, Brazil, African countries, etc. are also following the developed market trend in the food industry that is the consumption of fast food in their daily life which are expected to strengthen the global market for Greek crumbles in the future. Urbanization and increase in middle-class population, as well as the increase in the disposable income of people all over the globe, leads to the huge consumption of Greek crumbles in their fast food market which is also expected to grow.

Greek crumbles are a rich source of energy, protein, and carbohydrates and contain less fat. In the Northern American and European market, the demands are high for the Greek crumbles because it is a dairy-free product that is rich in nutrition and also the best alternative to the vegan feta cheese.

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North American Demand Outlook for Greek Crumbles Market

Greek crumbles are an important item in the “basket” of the Mediterranean diet where everyone is aware of their beneficial properties. The important features of the Greek diet, which is known for the full of nutrition and have an effective impact on the North American market. Greek crumbles contain less fat from any other alternatives like Feta cheese. It is used as a vital ingredient in diverse food such as; snacks, salads, sandwiches, and other fast foods where most of the packaging food are taking place in the supermarket’s shelves and chain stores.

European Market Demand Outlook for Greek Crumbles Market

The European market also holds a important share of Greek crumbles market. It is produced in the American and European market and is majorly produced in Europe, and exported to all over the region in the globe.

U.K, Germany, and Netherland are the biggest markets of Greek crumbles in the European market because of the increase in the demand for fresh and ready-to-eat food or fast food with changing lifestyles. The demand for Greek Crumbles also increases because of their nutritional benefits, contains low fat, low sugar, free palm oil, easy affordability, and increase in the application areas of the Greek crumbles in the European market.

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Asia Pacific Demand Outlook for Greek Crumbles Market

Asia Pacific region is also has a vital role in the increase in the demand for Greek crumbles because of the rise in disposable income levels, western dietary habits with changing lifestyles in developing countries like India and China.

The drastic growth in the fast-food industry leads to a great market opportunity for the Greek crumbles manufacturers. In this region consumers are using the normal cheese in a very high ratio which contains high fat with low nutritional benefits, which will be a huge market opportunity for the Greek crumbles as it contains high nutritional benefits, low fat, low sugar, and free palm oil.

What is the effect of Covid-19 on Greek Crumbles Market?

Due to COVID – 19, each and industry faces huge changes throughout supply chains, by which the fast food industry also suffers which leads to the unavailability of the raw materials and ingredients. Most consumers shifted towards at-home eating from dining out. Consumers’ interest move towards snacking rose, comfort foods, and home cooking, during the COVID as health became a new priority to protect their own life.

As the recent situation is now showing some recovery phase, which can be expected as strategies of cooking of diverse diet will continue on-trend to fulfil the essential needs.

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Who are some of the Key Manufacturers in the Greek Crumbles Market?

Follow Your Heart – Dairy Free Greek Style Crumbles is a major player in the market. The company “Follow Your Heart” recently open their second unit in the Britain in the European market. Furthermore, in the beginning of 2021 company opened their first store in the Northern American market.

Other Vegan Crumbles Manufacturers such as, Arla Foods amba, Kolios S.A. Mevgal, Clover Leaf Cheese Ltd., Fonterra Co-operative Group, Lactalis American Group, Inc., The Kraft Heinz Company, Saputo Inc., Dodoni S.A.

Key Segment

By Source

  • Dairy free Greek crumbles
  • Others

By Distribution Channel

  • Business to business
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Others

By End – Use

  • Restaurants and households
  • Ready to eat meals
  • Confectionary and bakery
  • Snacks and sweets
  • Others

By Type

  • Soft Greek crumbles
  • Semi – soft Greek crumbles
  • Medium – hard Greek crumbles
  • Hard Greek crumbles

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