GreenTree Electronics- Expertise services provider

Obsolete electronic components are components that are no longer supported by the manufacturers and have reached the end of their technically-supported lifespan. Although, some of them still hold a residual value. Here comes the need for an obsolete electronic distributor

GreenTree Electronics is one of the obsolete electronic component suppliers who purchase such parts and warehouse them. GreenTree Electronics is the leading distributors and representatives. They possess 20 years of experience in this industry.

GreenTree Electronics is expertise in the programmable logic device (FPGA, CPLD) and memories and is a distributor of IC’s. They provide a solution to tier-1 OEM’s and CM’s. They provide quality inspection by microscopic inspection, electrical measurement, marking permanency, dimensions measurement, compliance to order, and date sheet. They also supply original components with a function-fit-form warranty.

GreenTree Electronics is a distributor of integrated circuits and expertise in micro-processor and DSP for embedded systems, networking, imaging, and video. They also possess a service license agreement with white horse laboratories for testing and authenticating electronic components.

GreenTree Electronics provides services including electronics components testing services and visual inspection, X-ray, de- capsulation, functional testing, and electrical testing. They also maintain a documented vendor qualification, with up-to-date certification. GreenTree electronics specializes in providing reliable and authenticated obsolete electronic components with traceability or authentication tests by customer requirement document.

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