GreenTree Electronics -Leading supplier and distributor of obsolete electronic component

GreenTree Electronics LTD. is a distributor and supplier of obsolete electronic components. GreenTree Electronics has worked for more than 20 years in the electronic industry and provides a unique solution to tier-1 OEMs and CMs. They are particularly known for providing reliable, authenticated, and genuine obsolete electronic products.

Obsolete electronics refers to the electronic components that have crossed their life span and are of no use but a waste for manufacturers. Green Tree Electronics is a distributor of obsolete electronics with electronic component testing service. They also perform quality inspection and additional services to many industries globally like medical, industrial, defense, and consumer applications. GreenTree Electronics is an obsolete electronic distributor with a service license agreement with white horse laboratories for different types of testing that includes soldering, electrical and functional testing, anti-static vacuum packing, baking, re-reeling, and more.

Any component becomes an obsolete electronic component when it is replaced or discarded by newly introduced technology. This leads to re-design with modifications. GreenTree Electronics provides electronic components with authentication reports under customers’ testing requirements document.

GreenTree electronics deals with leading manufacturers of different obsolete electronic products like FPGA, Integrated Circuits, Memories, and Electro Mechanic. Some of those manufacturers are XILINX, ALTERA, LATTICE, Microsemi, intel, Freescale, Samsung, ISSI, Toshiba and Panasonic, etc.

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