Gremsy T3 is the ultimate 3 axis gimbal for aerial photography.

What makes a perfect shot?

It is the stability and the uniformity maintained by the overall camera system.

Such perfection can only be achieved by building a platform that let’s your camera capture, what it wants to, without getting affected by any external movements.

This is where you need a gyroscopic Gimbal structure that keeps your camera in position, no matter what.

Gimbal technology is exceeding its own boundaries, as so many talented gimbal manufacturers are expanding their achievements; by bringing more innovative products into the market of digital photography, aerial mapping systems, and photogrammetry.

But the passion of Gremsy has always remained an unmatched endeavour. Their Gimbals are made with a pure intention of delivering uncompromised performance.

And with Gremsy T3 v3 Gimbal, they have changed the way you understand aerial photography and videography.

Let’s get the screen rolling, and get you a bit acquainted with Gremsy’s new T3 v3 Gimbal.

What the creators of T3 got to say?

Gremsy T3 is made to enhance aerial photography/videography/mapping and image stabilisation, during high movement shots.

The specifications of Gremsy T3v3 are as follows:

  • 3 Axis Gimbal
  • A fast boot up time of 2secs.
  • 20% stronger motor power than previous T3 versions.
  • A total built weight of the Gimbal stands at 2.5 Lbs.
  • A camera cage size of 100mm*152mm*120mm, with support for a wide range of DSLR, and Mirrorless Cameras.
  • Offers a total in-flight payload of 3.7 Lbs.
  • Built in ports include HDMI, COM2/COM4, CAN, PPM-JR-SBUS, AUX S1-S9; with HDMI Hyper Quick Release technology.
  • PixHawk and DJI Support enabled.
  • Control Support for DJI LightBridge 2, and HERELINK.
  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • Updated G-Tune pairing app and software, for all operating systems.
  • Power Input of 15V-52V
  • And, performance checked by GREMSY Engineers.

Plus a robust and hard built body, with internal temperature control capabilities, help the Gremsy T3v3 Gimbal to perform in varied weather conditions.

Gremsy T3v3 Gimbal for Drones

What has Air-Supply got to say?

Our team fell in love with this beast, the very moment it got released. Since then we have been using it for many of our aerial mapping projects, and aerial surveillance photography.

The ability of T3 to rotate 360 degrees, about its axis, is just phenomenal. We have never seen such beautiful stabilisation coming from a compact design. The T3 is meant for industrial level applications.

Our Air-Supply team recommends Gremsy T3 for any photography situation. It works seamlessly on all types of vehicles and system platforms.

You can use it on a running car; attach to drones; take it for walk-and-hold video shoots or ground takes; and nearly anything.

The T3v3 can be bought stand alone, on our website; or you can choose the bundle packs, customised by the projects department of Air-Supply.

Gremsy T3v3 FLIR DUO PRO R Bundle

We are offering two complete Bundles for Gremsy T3. One is the Gremsy T3v3 Bundle for Matrice 600, and the other as a bundle for FLIR DUO PRO R.

The M600 bundle will include a Circular Damping, Power Supply Cable, and the Can.Link Cable.

The FLIR DUO PRO R bundle will get you all the necessary items like the Camera Control Cables and a damping mount.

With Gremsy T3, your power to create is limitless!

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