Grief Counselling Canberra

DIPAC offers Grief Counselling services for the Canberra, Queanbeyan and ACT region from our offices at Level 1 – 18 National Circuit, Barton ACT. If you are grieving and would like talk to someone, we can help.

Grieving after losing a loved one is natural. Unfortunately, many people find that they don’t seem to be able to move forward from the negative thoughts and feelings which frequently form part of the grieving process. In addition, it’s not just people that individuals may grieve for: lost relationships, dead pets and even previous ways of life (for example retiring from a much-loved job) can all result in feelings of anger, misery, hopelessness and sadness which may impact negatively on our quality of life. For some people, unresolved grief can become a long-lasting problem that holds them back from achieving their goals and can also negatively affect relationships with their friends and family. In such circumstances grief counselling Canberra people can easily access, may really make a difference.

Grief Counselling Canberra

When you use the DIPAC counselling service, you will be working with experienced therapists who have an excellent insight into the issues which bereaved individuals may face. The counsellor you see will be fully qualified and certified in a range of therapeutic approaches, enabling them to deliver a customised counselling service that’s specifically tailored to meet your individual requirements.

DIPAC counselling offers a holistic approach, allowing clients to not only explore the issues surrounding their grief, but also any other problems which may be affecting them adversely. In addition to grief counselling, Canberra counsellors at the DIPAC practice are also able to offer counselling for anxiety, relationship issues and marriage counselling and even pre-marriage counselling. Because grief often impacts on mental health and relationships, DIPAC’s cross-cutting approach equips clients with the tools they need to begin moving towards a more positive frame of mind.

Certified Grief Counsellor

There are many reasons why the grief counselling Canberra residents choose may be required. Grief can happen for many reasons; because people experience grief in different ways and for different reasons, it may be years after bereavement that individuals decide that counselling is needed in order to achieve some form of resolution. Typically, individuals may seek grief counselling because:

The initial feelings relating to bereavement aren’t passing within what they feel to be a reasonable time span

Relationships, work and/or quality of life are being affected due to grief

Individuals are beginning to adopt negative habits (for example drinking more than is healthy or overeating) in an attempt to deal with the feelings of grief

Grief is beginning to impact negatively on mental health: in some cases, grief can gradually change into depression, without individuals being fully aware of the change

What benefits can grief counselling bring?

Like any other form of counselling, grief counselling is adjusted to meet the goals of the individual concerned. Some people want very specific outcomes; others may be less clear, simply not wanting to feel as they do. Some advantages of grief counselling can be:

  • A safe space in which to talk about their feelings of grief and about the deceased – often people “keep a stiff upper lip” or feel that they shouldn’t talk about the lost loved one in everyday conversation
  • The presence of an empathetic individual who may well be able to offer some additional, useful insight
  • Suggestions and tools to move forward through the grieving process in a time-scale that’s right for the client

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