Grounded: How to Upgrade the Insect Axe to Level 2

“Ground” is a new entry in the gaming industry, yet it has provided some cool content to access. While exploring tons of items in the game, players have to manage their survival as well. To move further, it is necessary to collect resources, fight against insects, and build bases. In the game, players can find several weapons, but some basic things like axes can’t be collected. There’s an extremely powerful ax available in the game, but you can only acquire it through crafting.

The “Insect Axe” is an upgraded level 2 version of “Pebblet Axe.” Insect Axe is quite strong, and you can use this tool to cut down some big things. To get the Insect Axe, you need to start crafting. However, crafting is a basic thing, but you will face some aggressive insects in the process.

Grounded: How to Upgrade the Insect Axe to Level 2

Gather the Necessary Materials

The first and foremost material you will require is “Ladybug Head.” As the name suggests, you need to kill a Ladybug to acquire your requirement. These huge red beasts don’t prefer to stay on any specific territory. They can go anywhere they want. Tracking down these red beasts can take some time, but they are not very uncommon.

These beasts are very dangerous, and their aggression is always high. So when you see one, do not underestimate their strength. They can give you extreme damage, so keep your guards up and ready to dodge its attacks. However, if you manage to go on top of Ladybug, you simply need to attack it. Keep attacking it from above, and soon it will end up dying without doing anything against you.

Once you acquire the Ladybug Head, you need to find 3 “Bombardier Parts.” Start hunting on the western side of the map to take down a couple of Bombardier Beetles. These insects are extremely cruel, and they can cause massive damage through spitting acid. So when you are battling with these beetles, make sure you have your strongest armor and weapon.

The last thing you need to find is “Spider Silk.” To get Spider Silk, you don’t have to battle at all, but you need to find a spot. There’s a spot that exists with less dangerous spiders living near the massive rock by the rake. Locate the crack on a rock, and that will send you directly to the hideout of spiders. There you are free to collect your Spider Silk as much as you can.

Craft the Insect Axe

After gathering the hard-earned materials, you will be able to level up to Insect Axe. Before starting your crafting process, make sure to scan and analyze the Ladybug Head. It will unlock the recipe for crafting Insect Axe. Now you just need to start the process of crafting with collected materials.

Conclusion – In such a short period, Grounded has earned a significant number of fans around the world. This game has a unique type of content and gameplay. Players have to survive in the game, but crafting weapons and finding all the necessary materials play a significant role.

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