Grounded: Where to Find All the Labs

Grounded is the new survival game from Obsidian Entertainment. The newly released Grounded is far different from all previously released games. This version of the game is entertaining and terrifying at the same time. There are multiple amazing locations available, where you will definitely wish to take a trip. While playing the game, you will be suggested to visit the game’s Lab Location. Apart from the first Lab Location, there are two more locations available, but the game will not tell you about it. All the existing Labs in the game are important. It’s hard to enter every Lab you see in the game because you need to pay to enter the closed Labs. Now, if you don’t know the exact location of these labs, here is the guide.

Oak Lab Location

Oak Lab is the part of the main quest, so you don’t really have to find it. At the time of the second part of the quest, named “Mystery Machine,” you will be asked to explore the location around Oak Tree, where the explosion occurred. At the location, a purple smoke trail will lead you to the door which is hidden behind the leaf. That will be your first Oak Lab location. After getting into the Lab, you will see a report of BURG.L. You can trade the following report in the Raw Science for your daily quest.

Hedge Lab Location

You can locate this Lab at the Eastern edge side of the map in hedges next to the houses. Finding the Lab will not take much time, but the hard part comes when you want to get inside the Lab. To get inside the Lab, you need to climb on the nearby trees and find the right branch that will lead you inside. The limbs will be pretty narrow, so don’t go fast and avoid falling. You will be sent into a base of square section, and then you need to make a tricky jump to a branch that will allow you to access a cracked outer wall of the Lab.

You will see the following section is sealed off by a locked door, so you will be required to go back. To do that, make sure to make the tricky jump across the leaves and branches. You can jump from the lower branch to the exposed wall. Now finally, you will discover the area and will be able to access a Resource Analyzer.

Haze Lab Location

Haze Lab is the final Lab that needs to be discovered. Haze Lab is located on the Southwest corner of the map. The Lab is on the left side of the giant rake, but you need to have a crafted mask. This is the final Lab, but ultimately this one is only for show.

Grounded is a thrilling game with amazing visuals. Players have to find the best locations to avoid attacks from the enemies. Survival in Grounded is not easy, but if players use correct items and use precautions, they can easily survive.

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