Group Home Consultant

Our owner created this company to help providers be successful from the start of the application process through operating homes, facilities and agencies that remain in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.  Our owner has thirteen years of experience in the human services field and has a special niche for supporting seniors and individuals who have DD. Our owner has held positions ranging from Direct Care and DD Support Coordination to Leadership positions, most recently serving as a Chief Operating Officer.  Our owner received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, obtained a graduate degree in Human Services with a focus on Executive Leadership and completed an MBA program with a focus in Public Administration.  Our owner is also trained as an Investigator. She is also certified as a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. It is her desire to provide quality services as a group home consultant at an affordable rate to keep providers in compliance with regulations and support providers with being person-centered and compliant with HCBS final settings. Our goal is to help our clients reach their highest level of success by utilizing our consulting services. We also strive to help individuals and their families advocate for any and everything they deserve and need. Group Home Policy and Procedure

Here at Magnate Consulting, LLC we are a team of Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals and Human Service leaders who operate from a person-centered thinking mindset. Unlike some Consulting agencies, our entire team has previous direct experience working for companies that directly support individuals with Developmental Disabilities who receive DD Waiver services in several states. We also consider ourselves as experts in the DMV and provide our clients the secure feeling of being locally owned and operated. Our team has over 35 years of combined experience in positions such as House Managers, QIDP/QDDP’s, ID/DD Group Home Residential Directors, ID/DD Support Coordinator, Quality Assurance Coordinators and Quality Assurance Directors. Our team has experience in other human service areas such as Rehabilitation Counseling, Psychiatric and Core Services, Crisis Behavior Intervention and More. We understand that seniors and individuals with disabilities are vulnerable. We care about seniors and individuals with disabilities and make it our mission to ensure that their service providers meet standards and foster healthy environments, are compliant with HCBS Final Settings and experience our company as nothing less than the best group home consultant.


We support you with answering any questions you have about finding a residential provider, serve as an advocate for you and provide resources to help you stay up to date on provider requirements. We also can help you navigate providers in the community, go on tours with you and can help you with knowing the right questions to ask and information to gather which can help you make the best choice when selecting a residential provider. We are not a case management entity, we advocate for individuals and families while ensuring that quality residential providers are available for you to choose from. We serve as an unbiased third party, group home consultant that is able to help you throughout the journey of finding a provider.

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