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You must have seen that people like to take receipts whenever they buy something. This is because the receipt acts as a proof whenever the buyer wants to exchange the product and it is also a legal requirement. Also, it is the seller’s responsibility to provide a receipt to the customers. But the problem is that most shopkeepers do not give printed receiptsand instead they give handwritten receipts to their customers. And this is wrong. So, if you also own a shop but are still using traditional methods, you are advised to change your business with the technology and start using a receipt printer so that you can easily keep the record of things that you sold.

Of course, using a bill printer has several advantages but only when you have the best quality printer. And to buy the right quality printer, it is important that you should consider a few things when making a purchase.

· First of all, you should analyse your needs and according to it, you should pick a printer that has all the features meeting your needs and requirements. You should also think about the daily operations that you have to do and accordingly make a decision.

· Along with this, you should also check the quality of the images or text that the printer prints.

· The next thing that you should keep in mind is the printing speed. If you want to offer better and fast services, you should buy a printer with good printing speed.

· You should also consider the size of the printer. If you don’t want your store to look crowded, remember to select a printer that is of a smaller size.

At last, you should look for a reliable store where you can buy the best type of printer. So, for this, you can either conduct an online survey or you can simply get in touch with BluPrints, a leading company that offers the best type of portable printers.

The company was started by Kavita Aggrawal with a mission to empower the society and business with world-class printing technology that can be easily used in day to day life activities. All the products that are available at BluPrints are made in India, have a good battery, can be installed easily, and have various connectivity options. So, no matter whether you want to buy a bill printer, Bluetooth printer, thermal printer, portable printer, handheld printer or any printing accessories, BluPrints welcomes you!

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