Growing Demand for ICT Professionals in Australia

Computer Technology has become a mainstream career and is highly crucial for financial development
of all nations. But not all countries have enough number of ICT professionals to fill the requirement gap
and that’s the case with Australia too. ICT professionals are not only responsible for the economical
progress of the country but also contribute to innovative advancements, a better quality of life as well
as the better workflow in the organizations. As per the reports shared by Australian Computer Society
(ACS), Australia is ready to welcome more than 100,000 ICT professionals by the year 2024.

It indicates that those who have knowledge and skills in ICT fields have a fair chance to migrate to
Australia. Since the country wants these professionals to have a certain set of skills, Australia Computer
Society has come up with skill assessment to analyze the knowledge of the candidate who wishes to
migrate to Australia.

Recognition to Prior Learning (RPL) is for those candidates who do not have ICT qualifications but
possesses requisite skills needed for migration. These candidates are required to submit the RPL report
to ACS for Australian Skills migration.

What are the RPL Skills assessment categories?

There are two categories of candidates who can apply for the RPL skills assessment. The applicants are
also required to nominate their occupation listed by ANZSCO.

Category 1: Applicant with no ICT qualifications and minimum 6 years of work experience. Your
experience must be in the occupation for the ICT field that they nominate.

Category 2: Applicant with tertiary ICT qualification and minimum 8 years of work experience. Your
experience must be in the occupation for the ICT field that they nominate. The other 2 years of work
experience need not to be from the nominated ANZSCO code.

Report Format for ACS RPL

The format for the ACS RPL report has been defined by the American Computer Society (ACS).
So every candidate must ensure that they follow the guidelines and requirement stated by the
ACS. Also, what you must know that the RPL contains two sections, which include:

Section 1: Essential Core ICT Knowledge- It contains areas of skills and knowledge that
applicant must posses
 ICT professional knowledge
 ICT problem-solving skills

Section 2: General ICT Knowledge- It provide information about the ICT industry
 Technology Resources
 Technology Building
 ICT Management

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