A new post featured on Pastebin has created a lot of confusion amongst the Grand Theft Auto gaming community as it has teased a launch date for the highly anticipated GTA 6.

The post on Pastebin is made by some random European resident calming he is a third party developer for the upcoming PlayStation 5 and also have managed to secure the official release date for the GTA 6 title which would exclusively feature for the PS5 consoles and later on the title would be available for the rest of the gaming platforms.

Indeed this entire teaser post could be a total hoax and chances are no specific date is yet confirmed, but this post has been trending quite a bit and has even taken over the news feed of various social networking sites.

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So nothing can be really confirmed regarding the supposed launch date for exclusive GTA 6 title, still as the GTA franchise has a vast fan base who have been supporting the claim since its initial Grand Theft Auto game one has an urge to know more details related to the new GTA 6 addition, and they have been relying on the speculated launch date for the title.

As per the leaker the new Grand Theft Auto 6 title would be launched during the 2020 holiday season after the PS5 is launched. The leak also stated that the new GTA title would merge both Liberty City (New York) and Vice City (Miami)  in a single platform providing players with a tremendous range of interactions in a single platform.

If believed then the latest addition to the Grand Theft Auto series would be available to experience in the month of November during the 2020 and the title would surely be a tremendous hit as players can experience the brand new title n exclusive PlayStation 6 gaming consoles.

But setting all stated reports aside, chances are quite high for the prescribed details to be false and instead the whole teaser post could be an utter lie told by some random person to gain temporary fame.

It is also very likely for the teased news to be false as recently Rockstar studios have launched their tremendously successful title, Red Dead Redemption 2 title and no such dedicated team of developers were supposedly assigned for the development of Grand Theft Auto 6 title.

Ultimately the final release of the Grand Theft Auto title would clarify the said hit to be true or false, but one thing is for sure that fans of GTA are expecting this hint to be true as they want to experiences this awesome game as soon as possible.

Let’s see if any further confirmation is provided by the Rockstar studios to ascertain the teased launch date and reveal some original gameplay for this exclusive title.


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