GTA Online: Locate All Solomon’s Movie Prop Spots

“Los Santos Summer Special Update” is now live in “Grand Theft Auto Online.” In the new update, “Rockstar Games” has added a couple of new content with the well-known multiplayer title. Developers have added several exciting missions in the game. Among several missions, a mission for “Solomon Richards” is also included that asks the players to locate ten movie props. This mission could give players a slight trouble while playing. To complete this mission, players should know the exact locations of movie props.

Players have to collect a total of 10 movie props. Among ten movie props, seven are located on a fixed location, and the other three are somewhere randomly on the map. Indeed the randomly placed movie props will consume the highest time of players. So before starting the mission, find all the fixed movie props first.

GTA Online: Locate All Solomon’s Movie Prop Spots

GTA Online: Solomon Movie Props Locations

Fixed Spawns

  1. After coming out from Solomon’s office, move left. You will see your first movie props in the corner, near the trash can.
  2. Strip club “Vanilla Unicorn” office’s the back wall. You need to shoot and hire a dancer to operate it.
  3. Go to the “Diamond Casino and Resort” and move inside the restroom near table games.
  4. At the “Alien hippy camp,” the top side of the hill.
  5. At the back of “Great Chaparral Clubhouse.”
  6. At the back of the desk in the “Fort Zancudo” control tower.
  7. On the “Altruist Camp” of “Chiliad Mountain.”

Random Spawns

Locating three movie props is not going to be easy for many players. However, to locate the other three movie props, players need to drive around a lot. While driving, a blue blip will show up in the mini-map. After finding those blue blips, you will get a truck or van to get back to Solomon’s office. You have to follow a similar process while locating the other two movie props. Once you find all the movie props, your mission will be over, and a new mission will come up.

Unlike any mission, this mission can be finished in minutes or can take days to finish. Effort and luck is the main key in this mission because random movie props can spawn anywhere. The reward for completing this mission is incredibly amazing. Players will get “Space Interloper Outfit” to complete the mission. From the name of the outfit, you can imagine the outfit will turn the player to look like an alien. Almost every player is excited about this mission because the reward of this mission is unique.

Conclusion – This new update in Grand Theft Auto Online is exciting. Players will get several new challenges and amazing rewards for completing the following missions. Grand Theft Auto Online is currently available on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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