Guaranteed Loans for Unemployed Are Not Unreal

Guaranteed Loans for Unemployed Are Not Unreal

Guaranteed Loans for Unemployed Are Not Unreal

Unemployment brings some pre decided perceptions about few things. One of the most common among them is that you cannot get guaranteed loan while unemployed.  There are reasons around you that can prove your perceptions wrong. And you will feel good about it, because everyone needs funds to fight unemployment.

There are certainly some conditions that you need to fulfil, but after that it is possible to get guaranteed loans for unemployed. Look below and know what you need to do to achieve funds despite no job.

Collateral to pledge

In the guaranteed funding, there should be something that can prove you a safe bet to lend, for the lender. Securing repayments is the major condition in secured and guaranteed funding options. The loan company will ask you to pledge an asset that is equal in value to the amount you are borrowing.

Guarantor to back your obligation

In case, you fail to repay your loan completely, someone should be there who can repay the loan amount on your behalf. It will also help you get the deal in your favour because you are lessening the lender’s risk and you can demand some adjustments in the rates.

Remember, various lenders can have different strategies. Some may ask you to provide both while some may get satisfied with only one thing. However, in case of unemployed people, it is difficult to find a guarantor and lenders provide funds by taking collateral as security. This is applicable in all ranges of loans that span from personal loans to doorstep loans.

Current financial status

Life moves on and so are the situations. You are jobless today but the new job is not an unachievable thing. Your current financial status can explain that till the recent times, you were doing good in your finance. Traditional lenders may not understand this, but online lenders consider such things. In case, they are satisfied with your financial details, they provide funds hassle-free.

Salary slips from previous employer

Your previous job has still much to do with your present life. It can help you achieve the financial assistance. By presenting the salary slips of your previous job, you can prove that you were having regular income recently. This makes the lender believe that getting a new job is not a difficult thing for you.

As you provide so many things to secure your repayments, the lender has no problem in giving you approval despite your unemployment.


There are many things that come with the guaranteed loans and help you achieve loans with less hassle. Such as

  • No pre judgement – The lenders who do make judgemental decisions. They do not have any rule to not to lend to unemployed people.
  • Decision on your circumstances – There are customised deals that the lenders design depending on the individual circumstances of the borrower. This may help you get the deal in your favour.
  • Immediate decision – The decisions on loan requests are given on same day. Some times in a few hours or minutes. No unnecessary delays.

It is not impossible to avail funds when you have no job. It is only a matter of how aware you are about the available options and the lending platform.

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