Guasha Therapy- A Chinese Traditional Method to Cure Health Problem Naturally

Gua sha therapy is also known as scraping therapy that is originated from a folk medical technique which has very lengthy history. Its effective formula was written for the generations by Wei Yillin in the ear 1337, he was a physician of Yuan dynasty. This formula says, with wet scrape the surface of the elbow, knee, neck and wrist until there is any miliary cutaneous bleeding. Then cover the body with thick quilts and clothes. This administers orally a small amount of rice porridge or the decoction of fermented soybean, fresh Chinese onion tea and Chinese green onion. Once the body started sweating it means that the illness is healed. This is the easiest method of relaxing and loosing the skin.

The book is the systematic way of scraping the therapy. The Guasha Singapore technique is to scrap the skin of particular parts of body to loosen the pores in terms of avoiding the pathological evils for the main goal of the treatment.

Once the scraping is done then there would be miliary bleeding below the skin in numerous degrees, Scraping therapy is utilized as a folk medicine technique without using a systematic theoretical foundation that is mainly used in the situation of common colds, acute enterogastritis, heart- stroke and pain in back, legs, shoulders and so on.

The gua sha tools are the materials made with smooth edges like silver coins, chinaware, jade tool, bamboo plates, lubricated with water, alcohol and vegetable oil and also buffalo horn.

Though, with the development of the modern medical science and accretion of medical knowledge, this historical fork medicine method was forgotten in many areas accept in rural areas where modern medical care was missing. There it was still utilized to relieve the not so complicated ailments.

But in the mean while people in the modern times are really enjoying the comfort zone of the civilization and good health that is brought up by the high techniques and new medical skills. They are feeling the damage caused by the environmental pollution, side effects of many chemical drugs and ecological imbalance.

According to the recent report the adverse of the drug reaction monitoring centre of China’s health ministry, in the recent years that amongst the patients who are hospitalized there have been almost 192,000 deaths occurring each year due to the harmful drug reactions. Drug brings death more times than the number of death occurred due to infectious diseases.

All these things bring more crisis in the medical treatment. Now people are realizing that the more advanced the technique are, the more serious the crisis will be. Therefore the forces of medical workers will search for natural methods from traditional medicine same as the advanced medical therapies. In this way the scraping therapy- gua sha therapy is welcomed in the entire platform more and more due to the effectiveness, low cost, no side effects and simple applications.

Not only gus-sha there is many other Chinese traditional method like Cupping Singapore that can act very beneficial and effective. So, if you are suffering from any kind of pain or health problem then opt for Chinese medical therapies.

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