Guide for Accessing Zip Files Without Using Winzip

Are you in search of some means to extract .Zip files from a folder. Well, prominently every technical expert would suggest you, to use some sort of extracting program which would enable an individual to unfold all the files and documents incepted in the Zip file. One of the most known software to do so is WinZip, which allows a user to view their compressed data files.

Still, it is possible to extract such incepted Zip files without using any third party software, as both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac includes in-built free software’s to do the extracting function and that too for free. To better know about such useful tool, refer to the tips and tricks mentioned below.

Steps For Windows Users

  • Head to the location of the zip file that you wish to extract on your PC.
  • Now use your left mouse button and tap twice on the Zip file that you want to extract and access.
  • Then choose the “Extract” option from the “Compressed Folder Tools” panel which can be viewed at the extreme top of your display screen.
  • After that, select “Extract all” option from the Extract tab.
  • Now choose the “Extract” button from the new popped up window. If you wish to extract the files from the desired folder at some specific location or file, then select the “Browse” option and choose the desired location where you wish to save your extracted files.
  • Open the new folder with extracted files. Although the files would automatically pop up, as soon as they get extracted, still if the folder with your extracted files does not appear then simply double tap on the Zip folder to view your extracted documents.

By going through the steps mentioned above, users can easily access their zip files and that too without using any additional software or paid program.

Steps For Mac Users

If you have an Apple Mac device at your place, then you can refer to the steps mentioned below to quickly extract your .Zip files and view them easily.

  • Head to the .Zip folder on your Mac that you wish to extract.
  • Now tap twice on your targeted .Zip file to initiate the extraction process.
  • Let the automatic extraction finish for your preferred Zip folder. It would take several minutes, so do not suspend the extraction process as it may even corrupt the resource file.
  • Once the extraction process completes, the unzipped files would automatically pop-up. If not, then double click on the .Zip folder to view the extracted files.

By going through the steps mentioned above in proper sequence, an individual can easily extract any of the Zip files with great ease. Hopefully, now users will not be depended on any third party software like WinZip to view compressed Zip files and folders, rather users will now be able to access any such files by using the in-built software on their devices.

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