Guide for Beginners to Use MS Excel

Microsoft Office has an Excel spreadsheet that has unlimited rows and columns, and each row and column has a name indicated by alphabets and numbers. Excel sheets are appropriate for professional work, informal workand even schoolwork. It is versatile and can be used in multiple ways. Some of the various ways to use MS Excel are listed below.


Excel makes calculation easy as you can customise the calculator as per your preferences. You can add, subtract, multiply, divide, find cube square, etc. using the calculation. These can also help you to keep track of expenses, budget, marks obtained, etc.

Handle accounts

It allows you to monitor your accounts by keeping track of your budget, finance, and lets you calculate at the same time. A lot of companies use Excel sheets to monitor their accounts department. You can also choose from in-built templates, that will make your task easier, and you can handle various sheets at the same time as well.

Chart and Graph

You can create pie charts, bar charts, bar graphs, line graphs, etc. for presentation and other purposes. It allows you to represent the data in simple terms via visuals. It is easier to understand that way. You can insert the chart and graph by clicking on the ‘Formulas’ tab and select any kind of graph or chart you want. You can adjust the size as well.

Data Analysis

Data analysis might take you a few practices to understand the numbers and the method to analyse. It’s a beneficial aspect for data management purposes. You can get the insights out of the raw data, and you can sort and update your records or data without any hassle.


You can list down all your meetings, works, timing, etc. in the sheet to ease up the scheduling process. If you have meetings with different clients on the same day or you have to prepare some of the events you have to schedule for the future, Excel would be an ideal option for tasks like that.

Task List

You can also keep a list of your tasks prepared each day to get you through it productively. It is more beneficial if you have some long-term goals that require regular management of tasks. You can enter the data regularly to keep track of your progress.


Creating surveys becomes easy. You can create options for multiple answers for the survey recipients. Excel sheet can be used for quizzes as well. Creation procedure will remain similar. You can share the quizzes and surveys around to know feedback about the company or anything that the survey triggers.


You can create all types of forms. Use can use various methods to record answers from the recipients. You can create drop-down options for them to respond from the pre-set list of responses.


You can play games on it as well by customising and creating your own sudoku puzzle. But one must be aware of the iteration concept and other mathematical figures.

Regular practice of these features of the Excel sheet will make your tasks easier in each sector.


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