Guide for Purchasing Golf Balls

Before you come into Penn Oaks Golf Club with a new set of golf balls that you think may elevate your game, you might be interested in hearing what we have to say on this topic. Here are some tips to consider when you are purchasing new golf balls.

Look at the Construction The construction of the ball will be a great indicator of the level of golfer it is designed for. If the ball is only one piece, then it is probably cheap and designed for beginners. Balls with two pieces or more will generally be a little more expensive but geared more for things like control, distance, spin, and durability.

Distance Might Be Key If you find balls that promise a lot of extra distance than other brands, you might be able to get a little bit more on your drive than you were previously able to. Check the distance specifications before purchasing a set of balls if this is an important factor for you.

Spin is Important to Many If you are a golfer who likes to get the most spin as possible for your shots, you can purchase balls that are specifically designed for this purpose. Three-piece and four-piece golf balls tend to offer more spin than what you can find in other types of golf balls. Check to the package to see what it has to say about spin.

Remember the Golfer is More Important than the Gear Although we can talk for hours on the different aspects of golf balls and how you can use them to your advantage as a golfer, remember that your level of skill is what is most important. If you put a pro player on a beginner golf ball, they will still be able to perform at a superb level.

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