Guide For Wiping Computer Hard Drive

Wiping a hard drive refers to erasing the components in the drive completely. Removing files by deleting does not wipe the files on a hard drive completely neither dose formatting. So users will have to consider some additional options if they wish to wipe their hard drives entirely.

Formatting the hard drive or removing one of the partition, does not imply that your drive is completely wiped as generally by performing the action mentioned above a user only deletes the system files resulting in disappearing of the file icons.

Still, these files are not removed from your device, and any recovery tool or software can bring such deleted files back. So, if you wish to completely wipe your hard drive, then you will have to utilize some special program to do so.

Steps to clean computer hard drive completely

Wiping a hard drive is quite a straightforward task; still, the time required to accomplish this cleanup process is uncertain and generally various between a few hours to several minutes. The time consumed in the cleanup process is entirely based on the amount of data stored in the file and type of software’s installed in it. If you wish to wipe your hard drive completely, then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, create a backup of any important file or data as once the cleanup process ends the entire data stored in your computer would be removed forever, and there is no possible means to bring it back for use again.
  • Now users will have to download any of the free data destruction programs like DBAN, which would allow an individual to wipe their hard drive completely.
  • After downloading your preferred software, properly install it on to your external storage device like a flash drive, SD card, CD or DVD. It is necessary to load the destruction program on an external storage device, as such programs cannot erase the memory of the storage device, in which they are saved.
  • Now run the program that you have chosen by connecting the external storage device in which you have installed the software.
  • Then follow the instructions as per the software and initiate the wiping process for your system hard drive.
  • After the wiping process finishes on your computer press, OK to end the process.

By following the steps mentioned above, an individual can easily remove all the stored data on their system hard disk. If you are looking forward to wiping the memory of your laptop device, then keep in mind to plug in a charger, as if your device turns off during this process then it can even corrupt all your system files. Hopefully, users will now be able to clean their system hard drive with great ease.

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