Guide on Getting the Best Mortgage Rates in Houston, TX


Buying a home might be the biggest and the most important financial decision that you make in your life. And you will likely need a mortgage to fund the purchase. When it comes to opting for a home loan program, one of the first things that you want to consider is the mortgage rate. While the best mortgage rate helps you save a lot over the life of the loan, a high rate drain all your money.

And this is why; homeowners want to get the best mortgage rates in Houston, TX. But how to get this? Here is a guide following which help you get the best rate –


  1. Start your preparation early

If you are looking for a home right now, getting your finances in great shape might be tough. So, you should think ahead, you can even postpone house-hunting until you can clean your financial house. Generally, you need a proper credit score, and it would be great if it is above 600. Before you are even considered for a mortgage, conventional lenders will look for an outstanding credit score. But you can get approval for a government-backed home loan like FHA or VA or USDA with a lenient credit score. With a lower credit score, you will need to come with a high down payment. So, you should try to improve your credit score as much as possible to ensure the best mortgage rates for your home loan.

  1. Understand PMI

Though mortgage lenders do count towards the overall cost of your mortgage, closing costs are a one-time hit. However, there is another bite that keeps on biting. In case your down payment is less than 20%, you are considered a higher risk, and required to carry PMI or private mortgage insurance. It makes you a safer bet for the lender. However, the trouble is that it can add thousands of dollars to what it costs to carry the loan. If you do end up having to pay for PMI, make sure that it stops as soon as you have gained enough equity in your house through your mortgage payments to be eligible.

  1. Consider a shorter loan term

When you opt for a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage in place of a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, the interest rate will normally be lower. Besides, you could also consider an adjustable-rate mortgage. The introductory rate may be lower than what you could get on a fixed-rate mortgage but it depends on the market. Even if you can get a lower rate on an ARM, you are taking a risk. Even if you can get a lower rate on an ARM, you are taking a risk. It might be cheaper in the short term; however, it could be more expensive in the long term.

Besides, saving up for a bigger down payment, increasing your income, decreasing your debt are some of the important things that help you get the best mortgage rate. So, work on the mentioned things and ensure the best rate from the lender.

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