Guide On What Not To Do When Communicating With The Team

Communication is the key to everything – how you convey things verbally and in written format is crucial. With the world coming closer through technological advancement, it is important to understand that communications are essential. How to speak effectively, how to become a great listener, and the importance of non-verbal communication are questions that become a challenge for many.

Many guides tell you what to do and how to do but what is more important to understand is what NOT to do. So, let’s understand what personality and communication skills are and avoid wrong communication styles.

What NOT to do in communication?

1. Avoid One size fits all: It appears easier to have a single-track approach for all in the team. But, remember that everyone is unique, and every response or non-verbal communication must be different. You must understand that it is a two-way process. Therefore, reply, react or respond accordingly.
2. Take emotional control: Never let your emotions take control of your corporate behavior. It is good to listen to your heart to make sensible decisions. Don’t let them control your every act. Anger and revengeful emotions are dangerous and never bring a positive result.
3. Watch the tone: What you say or communicate is very important. However, more important is HOW you say it. Your communication tone matters huge. You can always turn positive news into negative ones using the wrong tone.
4. Avoid complex talks: Keep it simple. It is the golden rule of healthy communication. Nobody likes complicated conversations and documents. Keep the text short, talks simple and non-verbal communications straightforward.
5. Avoid self-talks: It is good to interact with the team and share your experiences now and then. But do not overdo it by sharing grievances and focusing on what you need. Keep the communication generic when with the corporate team.
6. Avoid a closed mind: Being ready to listen to others is the golden rule of healthy communication. Don’t be confrontational and argumentative when hearing others. Dropping the judgmental attitude is a great way to start a positive talk.
7. Failing to check others’ understanding: It is significant to cross-check if the others can comprehend you. A simple nod, response to the communication, and verbal consent may not suffice the understanding. Try effective questioning to ascertain that the team is understanding and then responding/acting accordingly.
8. Avoid interrupting: It is a thumb rule to not interrupt others when they are communicating, and this rule makes or breaks the reason for successful communication.

Good communication can not only prevent unnecessary conflict. It can also build human relationships. It will be a mistake to think about communication as a skill, it is more of an attitude and intentions. While the skill and vocabulary can enhance the effect of communication, the absence of right attitude or intention can destroy it. It will be a huge mistake to focus on improving communication skills without focus on building character along with it.

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