Guide to All the PowerToys in Windows 10

Microsoft PowerToys is a set of system utilities that were designed for users to make their Windows experience better for productivity. It was initially launched for Windows 95, but now it has made its way back in Windows 10 as an open-source project that offers multiple tools for free. PowerToys can help you to rename files in bulk, launch applications quickly, and work efficiently to help you with other functions. Last year in September, Microsoft released PowerToys’ first version for Windows 10 and all the utilities come in a package.


You have to install the PowerToys from the GitHub releases page. Run the installed PowerToys file for your system, and it will require .NET CORE 3.1 Desktop Runtime to run. You can launch it from the Start menu of your PC. On your first glance of the PowerToys, switch on the toggle for Always Run as Administrator and Download Updates Automatically. Then click on Restart as Administrator. The PowerToys offer seven utilities that are available by default. You can, manually, disable any service. The seven utilities that the PowerToys offer are as follows:


It is a window manager that was designed with the purpose to make it easy for the users to arrange the windows into efficient layouts. This helps in increasing the productivity of the users. It also enables users to define a window’s location. Users will be able to drag them into various zones and resize and reposition them to fill that zone as per their preferences.

File Explorer Add Ons

This feature is currently limited to preview pane additions for File Explorer. This will enable the users to see all the contents of the same file type, directly from the thumbnail, without opening them. To allow this utility, users have to click on the View tab and then click on Preview Pane.

Image Resizer

It is a Windows shell extension for resizing the images in bulk. It also allows you to add a preset for a default size and change the encoding settings as well. You can use it by going to the File Explorer and clicking on all the images you want to resize. Then give it a right-click and select Resize Pictures. This will open a window from where you can choose a new image size for all the images at once. Then click on Resize.

Keyboard Manager

KBM is a short form of Keyboard Manager. It works as a keyboard remapper which allows the users to make changes to their keyboards and keyboard shortcuts. Users can make changes only if they run KBM and PowerToys in the background. To begin making changes, either click on Remap a Key or Shortcut. Click on the plus icon to introduce remapping. Remember that the left side is meant for shortcuts while the right key is for remapping. When you are satisfied with the changes, click on ‘Ok.’


Renaming files and folders has now become easier because of this utility tool. Again, you have to make your way to the File Explorer and select all the files and folders that you want to rename. Give a right-click to it and choose PowerRename. A new window will open up from where you can make additional settings and click on Ok when you are satisfied with them.

PowerToys Run

This utility tool is a quick launcher that also offers various capabilities without interrupting your performance. It is open-source and is compatible with additional plugins. All you have to do is press Alt + Spacebar and begin typing to find anything on your computer. You can also use icons appearing on screen for your search result to Launch as Administrator.

Shortcut Guide

It will bring you all the common keyboard shortcuts that use the Windows key. Using this shortcut guide, you can simply hold on to the windows key, and the screen will show you a list of all the useful shortcuts.

All of these tools will help you remain active and productive during all your Windows sessions. Remembering all the shortcuts and steps might take a few days, but a little bit of practice will make you better with time.

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