Guide to Backing up the iTunes Library

You collect a number of music tracks from the online music store, for this, a backup mode is essential to record the data secure. In case you are employing the library either of Apple Music or iCloud Music then an excellent way for the backup system is the iTunes. There are some methods for creating the backup system of the iTunes Library. You can have one of those methods for setting up the periodical backup system. The section of ‘My Music’ is one of the essential backup items. In this way, you have not to have the stress regarding the data lost.


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When you are employing either the music library of iCloud or iTunes Store, then you might be having the recorded music content in your cloud network. You should ensure that the whole music library is loaded locally. Here are different methods to make the backup system for the iTunes music library as given below:

Backup the iTunes music library through backup services like Time Machine

In case you do have the back services of Apple named as the “Time Machine” or another backup system then the iTunes music library should be backed up by default. In this direction, you can retrieve the music content by popping back in the platform of Time Machine with its History section.

Backup the iTunes music library manually

Whether you don’t use the backup services on Mac devices or you only desire to make the backup system manually for music library then you should follow given steps:

  1. Consolidation of the music library

For making sure that all the music contents of the iTunes library are placed in the same location while backing up the files manually, you should keep the music library consolidated.

  • Ensure that you have loaded the copy of the music content in the Mac device.
  • Open the “iTunes” library on the Mac device.
  • Press the option of “File” located in the top corner of the display in Mac.
  • Float the cursor over the button of “Library” in the menu bar of pull down.
  • Choose the section of “Organize Library” from the secondary/additional menu bar.
  • Mark the block for the section of “Consolidated Files” if the window of Organize Library is shown.
  • Press the option of “OK”.

By virtue of this step, you will get the copy folder of music contents in the library along with the original files in their present position.

  1. Copy the music library of iTunes in the backup source
  • In case of employing the external storage then link this with the Mac device through the USB wire.
  • Press the option on “Finder” for launching the window of “Finder”.
  • Choose the option of “Hard drive” of Mac device.
  • Press the option of “Music Folder”.
  • Choose the library of iTunes and move that files to the icon of the portable hard disk placed on the system. Or, you can copy this in the online service for having the backup system.
  • Press the option of “Authenticate”, if needed, for creating the copy of the folder of iTunes Library.
  • Insert the passcode of administrator then hit on the option of “OK”.

Now the process of copying will start, and it might consume lots of time. But the time of the copying process will be dependent on the size of the iTunes Music Library.

  1. Setting up the temporary backup system

In case you desire to experiment with the music library of iTunes, and you don’t have the external storage system for backup then you can create the temporary backup which you can record in Mac.

  • Press the option of “Finder” for launching the window of Finder.
  • You can choose the Hard disk of Mac.
  • Press the button of the “Music folder”.
  • You can do the right-press the option of “iTunes folder”.
  • Choose the button of “Duplicate” from the menu bar of drop down, and now the process of copying will start.
  • You can switch the folder of having the copied content of iTunes into a new one folder for locating it easily.
  • When you don’t require to access into the temporary backup system, then you can remove that copied folder with the iTunes library content.

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