Guide to Buying a Budget-based LED TV in India

Televisions are almost an inevitable part of each household. This wonderful creation which made its debut in the early 1900s, has gone through tremendous change over the years. Today, they are seen more as a source of knowledge rather than just entertainment. Moreover, there are innumerable options to choose from in the current day scenario, like LED TV, Smart TV, OLED, 4K, HDR, and many more.

When selecting a TV from this wide range of options, one factor always comes first – the budget. So, investing in the LG LED TV price in EMI format and others can be quite useful. Let us discuss some of the significant points to consider before buying a LED TV in 2022.

  1. Budget

The first thing to do before getting into the specifics is set a budget. However, one should also leave some room for slight alterations. If your budget is around 30K to 50K, a 4K Smart TV is advisable. Opting for Full HD TV is another excellent choice in this price range. Getting an OLED TV is a great option for those with a slightly higher budget.

  1. Resolution

When it comes to the picture quality, one should pay close attention to the screen resolution. In laymen’s terms, it refers to the number of pixels used to make up the picture. Technological advancements in the field started with HD resolution, moving on to 4K and finally 8K. In recent times, 4K is becoming the new normal. It allows viewing pictures and videos with finer details and sharper texts. On the other hand, 8K is new to the market and is slightly costlier than the rest.

  1. Sound

The next big consideration is the sound quality. There is a direct relationship between the wattage and the sound output. Products like LG LED TV with prices in EMI format and others allow a chance to test the quality by watching loud action scenes beforehand. Check for distorted sounds and bass while playing videos at high volumes. Additionally, keep an eye for rattling caused by TV cabinets and directional distortions.

  1. Size

Today, almost every sized TV is available in a different price range. Therefore, it is essential to note the size of the room and the wall before making a choice. Starting television sets ranging from 32 inches to 40 inches is considered ideal for small rooms. As the room size gets bigger, so can the screen. It is essential to understand that choosing a big screen even though the room size is not adequate can be stressful for the eye and ruin the viewing experience.


Choosing a budget-based LED TV can be overwhelming in recent times. Owing to the various options in the market, it becomes very difficult to pick the best in the lot. However, with the help of the points mentioned above, anyone can come to a desirable conclusion. Besides, you can invest in LG LED TV prices EMI format or in others of the kind to ensure that the product is worth their money.

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