Guide to Buying Used Spray Foam Equipment

Are you thinking of getting used spray foam equipment for sale? Intech Equipment & Supply offers used spray foam equipment to contractors. Each piece of used equipment is tested to ensure its quality and functionality before it can be sold.

In this blog, we provide a short guide to buying used SPF equipment.


Advantages of getting used to spray foam equipment

If you are unconvinced about buying used equipment, give us a chance to change your mind. The following are some of the major advantages of buying used spray foam equipment:


Better price

It goes without saying that used equipment is cheaper than new equipment. So, if your budget is tight, you can always get used spray foam equipment for sale, which provides the same functionality as new equipment.


Environmentally friendly

We have all heard the phrase: reuse, reduce, recycle. So, what is the most environmentally friendly path? Buying used products instead of purchasing something new every time. This preserves the resources that would be used in a new machine.


Get everything you need

With Intech Equipment & Supply, you are guaranteed to get the full package of required services. Our used equipment comes with the necessary parts and accessories, so you do not have to waste time and money getting them separately.


No need to wait

The last and greatest advantage of buying used spray foam equipment is that you do not have to wait for delivery of the product. The dealer already has the used equipment in stock and can ship it to you directly, saving a lot of your precious time.


Things to consider when buying used equipment:


  • Check the model and serial number of the used product.
  • Inspect the A-side and the hoses for any damage.
  • Ask for the size of the mixing chamber.
  • Ask the dealer about the type of material that was usedin the machine.
  • Be sure to ask the dealer the following questionsso you know what you’re getting into:
    • How old is the equipment?
    • Does the equipment require any immediate repair?
    • When was the last time the equipment was used?
    • How did the seller and the previous owner maintain the machine?
    • How quickly is the seller interested in selling the equipment?
    • Has the value of the equipment been determined?



This short guide to buying used spray foam equipment, along with the advantages of buying used equipment, should help you with your purchasing decisions. If you are not convinced, and you are interested in buying new products instead, you can purchase new Graco spray foam equipment from us as well.

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