Guide to Disable the Comments, Like, and Dislike on YouTube Videos

YouTube is a great platform that keeps on entertaining its users with its amazing content. Speaking of its popularity, it has become a worldwide platform that is used by millions of users. This streaming service not only allows us to view various videos but one can also create and upload a video on this platform. We can create our channel and this has become a trend where people create their videos and upload them on this platform. Well, this is a great platform if you want the world to see your talents. But, sometimes the talents or the videos that you share with the people on this streaming service, do not get appreciation. Sometimes, viewers post negative comments or dislike videos that hurt one’s sentiments. So, what does one do in this situation? How to stop those negative comments or dislikes from bothering you? Don’t panic because there is a way to do so. And here, we are going to discuss ways to disable the comments, likes, and dislikes on your YouTube video so that you can upload your videos peacefully without any negativity. Take a tour through the full article to know more.

How to Disable Comments and Dislikes on Your YouTube Videos?

Are you tired of receiving the negative comments or dislikes on your YouTube videos? We know how it feels to read those annoying comments and getting dislikes on your post. A few of you may not be aware of the fact that there is a way through which one can disable the comments section on YouTube videos. Along with that, you can hide the like and dislike button as well because it’s not possible that everyone would like your videos. People have different points of view and this is why it is obvious to get mixed comments on our videos. We can’t say anything to the people, but we can disable the comments sections and hide the likes and dislikes button. Want to know how to do this? You can disable the comments section and hide likes and dislikes on your YouTube by following the steps that we have lined up for you. Take a look at the steps:

Steps to Disable the Comments Section and Hide Like and Dislike Button on YouTube

The procedure for disabling the comments on your YouTube video is easy and includes some simple steps that anyone can follow. Here are the steps:

Method 1

  • Open any web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox on your device and visit the YouTube link, i.e. Or if you have the official app, select the app to open it on your device
  • Now, log in to your YouTube account by entering your login credentials. Click on the profile picture icon that is located at the top right corner of your device screen.
  • After logging into your account, select the option of “YouTube Studio (beta)” that is located below the option of “Paid Membership” under your profile section.
  • Select the “Videos” option that is placed at the left sidebar on your screen.
  • Now, select and click on the name of the video for which you want to disable the comments section.
  • Go through the advanced tab and scroll down your screen through the “Comments and Ratings” section.
  • Click on the box of “Allow Comments” to disable the comments from the viewers. It will completely disable the comments for the video that you selected.
  • Tap on the option of “Save” placed in the top right corner of your screen. And now you will not receive the comments for the videos for which you don’t want.

Method 2

If you are using a desktop browser, then here are steps in reference: take a look:

  • For disabling the YouTube comments section via a desktop browser, open the browser that you use on your desktop.
  • Visit the site of “” and sign in to your account by filling up your login details and visit the site of “Video Manager”.
  • Go to your video and click on the option of “Edit Video”.
  • Now, go through the “Advanced Settings” tab on your screen.
  • Click on the box marked with a tick placed beside the option of Allow Comments under the comments section.
  • Similarly, click on the box to unmark the option of “Users can view ratings for this video”. This will hide the likes and dislikes counter. And now viewers will not be able to see the likes or dislikes on your video.
  • Click on the option of the “Save” to save the changes that you have made.

However, there is no way to hide the like and dislike button completely on your videos. The viewers can like or dislike your videos, and even the likes and dislikes of the viewers will be counted in the same way, but the record will be visible only to the video manager. If you enable the buttons anytime in the future, the hidden record will appear on your video that can be viewed by all the viewers.

Should You Disable the Comments Section and Likes and Dislike Button?

One should not necessarily hide the comments section or disable the likes and dislikes button. As a viewer, one prefers to watch the videos after reading the viewers’ comments to get the idea of the content. And if there aren’t any comments, then somehow, we lose the interest to watch the video as we do not get the idea of the content. Undoubtedly, tackling annoying comments can upset anyone. But there are other ways to handle them. You can just ignore them or report them. But, if you still feel the need to hide the comments along with the like and dislike button, you can do so by the steps mentioned above. For more information like this, please stay connected with us and visit our website.

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Source: Guide to Disable the Comments, Like, and Dislike on YouTube Videos

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