Guide to Fix Common Issues on Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon has always tried to offer the best products at an affordable price range so that everyone can benefit from their products. Apart from their famous smart home speakers, Kindle Fire is one of the renowned products. Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is excellent for students and professionals as it offers some interestingly unique features. But like any other gadget, Kindle Fire also has some setbacks. Regardless of the Kindle Fire model you use, you are bound to experience some or the other issues on the device. These issues are common on all the models. So, if you experience any problem on your Kindle Fire gadget, then use the guide given below:

Amazon Kindle Fire

Battery Drainage

After a few years of using the tablet, many users noticed that the battery started to drain quickly. Many reasons and factors affect the gadget’s battery, but only two solutions can try on their device. The first essential method starts with pressing and holding the device’s Power button for up to 40 seconds or more. You have to keep pushing the button until it restarts. This can potentially resolve the issue.

At times, the recently installed apps turn out to be the culprit causing the battery drainage issue. If that’s the case with your tablet, go to the Settings app and click on Apps & Games. Then, select Manage All Applications and uninstall all the apps one by and check if the problem persists. You can also try the Factory Reset option to curb the issue. But before using Factory Reset, take the backup of all the important data and files.

Issue with E-book

Many people noticed that they could not use their downloaded ebooks after rebooting the device or find the Kindle app. At times, the e-books fail to work offline. Fortunately, you can fix the issue using a few easy methods. If you have installed the Google Play Store app on your tablet, it is the leading cause of problems on your device. To fix the issue, open the Play Store app and find the Kindle app. Uninstall the Kindle app and go back to the homepage of the Play Store. Then, tap on the three vertical lines on the left, and select My Apps & Games. Select the Updates tab and update the apps manually and avoid updating any Amazon or Kindle apps.

If you haven’t installed the Google Play Store, then start syncing your books. Once it gets completed, press and hold the Power button for 40 seconds or more until your tablet restarts. Then, check if the problem persists. You can also try clearing the Cache Data from the Settings of your tablet.

Crashing Apps

This is one of the most common issues every Kindle Fire tablet user experience. If the apps crash or freeze very often on your tablet, then the Settings app will help you out. Then, go to the Apps & Games section. Now, select Manage All Applications and find the app causing the problem. Then, click on Force stop and Clear cache.

Unrecognized MicroSD Card

The tablet often fails to read the MicroSD card, causing you never to access the contents you had stored on the SD card. It is a little complicated to fix this issue, so ensure that your Fire Tablet is fully charged. Then, press and hold the Power button for up to 40 seconds for performing a force reset. Then, connect your tablet to the Wi-Fi and let it install the available updates automatically.

Alternatively, you can also try to switch off your tablet and remove the microSD card. Then, put the SD card back into the device and check if the problem persists. Another way to resolve the issue is to check the Settings app. From the Settings app, select Storage followed by SD card. Check the settings and permissions and tweak the options accordingly.

The Tablet Keeps Shutting Down

Many people can’t get their Kindle Fire tablet to remain on for a few hours. The tablet keeps shutting itself even when it has enough charge. There are multiple factors causing this issue, and thus, there are various solutions to this problem. But before using any method, you must ensure that the tablet is fully charged.

You can try resetting the tablet by pressing and holding down the power button for 20 seconds. Then, wait for a few seconds and press the Power button again. You can also go to the Settings app to resolve the issue. Then, click on Device and select Reset to Factory Defaults. Then, select Reset.

Even a poor-quality case cover can cause the issue to persist on the device. So, try removing it and then use the methods mentioned above. Also, ensure that you use the same charger and cable for charging the tablet’s battery that came with the device package. If the problem persists after trying all the potential solutions, it’s time to contact Amazon Help Support.

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