Guide to Fixing Some Common Alexa Echo Problems

The Amazon Echo is a speaker which is smartly controlled by your voice. It can link with the Alexa app for playing the soundtracks, calling via phone, setting the reminders, commanding the smart home-based appliances remotely. It is equipped with the excellent sound speaker that has an omni-directional audio effect. With the help of the multi-room music system, you can play many tracks with different devices at a time. It has been designed with the technology of beam-formation and cancellation of surrounding noise. This Echo device can listen to you from any side whether there is traffic sound or noise. Through this, you can turn the phone calls hands-free.
Here are some easy and quick methods to troubleshoot the Alexa Echo.:
1. When Alexa is not replying
When you speak wake phrases or word  to Alexa, and it is not responding, then it is a common problem. To fix this issue, you have to notice the power and internet connectivity of the device. When you get a solid ring of red coloured light, then it depicts your mic is switched off. Turn the mic button ON that is placed at the top of the Alexa.
In case you have many devices then it might be the chances that the device couldn’t perceive your voice. You can also do the following:
•    Examine the Alexa application to ensure that all devices are connected to one account in Amazon. If connected differently, then they can’t function accurately.
•    Echo works on Spatial Perception technique to define which Alexa is sitting nearby you. For this, you can alter the position of devices.
•    Still, Alexa is wrongly responding then you can alter the wake term for other devices.
2. If there is a streaming problem on Alexa then
In the case of intermittent internet connectivity, streaming concerns become common. For fixing it, you can follow below steps:
•    In the case of multiple devices, Switch off the unused Alexa which is also fetching the internet speed via Wi-Fi.
•    Position your device nearer to the router and keep it away from those objects that can offer interference.
•    Switch off the modem device and wireless router and wait for a while.
•    Now, you can reboot the modem device and router both.
•    Switch off the Alexa and then switch it on again.
3. If Alexa is not getting linked with Wi-Fi
When the screen of the device is showing orange light, then it means the Wi-Fi network is not functioning well. You can plug this issue by given steps:
•    Visit “Settings” and then choose “Wi-Fi”.
•    Now, you can insert the passcode of the Wi-Fi network.
•    Switch off the modem device and router.
•     You can wait for some time the reboot both modem and router.
•    You can turn off the device and then switch it back ON.
•    Now, you can examine the updates for modem firmware or router.
4. If there is an issue regarding Alexa Calling
When you have failed to connect the phone call via Alexa, then you can check out the internet connection. Despite having a good strength of the network, you can do the steps given below:
•    Examine the contact list. If it is the case that you have added number currently then it might not be updated yet.
•    You can close the Alexa app then relaunch it.
•    Now, launch the tab of “Conversations” then examine the phone number where you are seeking to phone call.
•    If it is listed then check the contact number is proper or not.
•    If it is not plugged then Log out the application and again log into the app.
•    Navigate the menu bar of Alexa application and then choose “Settings”.
•    Now, select the option of “Sign out” and sign in again to attempt call again.
5. If Alexa is not able to search a device
When you desire to connect new smart devices but Alexa is not getting it while in its search, then you can troubleshoot this problem by following way:
•    Connect your device with a Wi-Fi connection and then browse and do finish the setup.
•    Disconnect the smart device by using the option of “Disable” within the section of “Smart Home” in Alexa app.
•    You can re-enable the device and then examine the updates if available. •    Call “Alexa, locate my devices” to search the device once more.
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