Guide to Stop Receiving Spam Mail in Your Yahoo Account

Stop Receiving Spam Mail in Your Yahoo Account

Yahoo has a spam filter that keeps most basic types of spam messages out of your account inbox. Be that as it may, if you are as yet finding spam email messages in inbox, you can mark them as spam. This will tell Yahoo that such kinds of messages are spam and it will automatically block such mails later on. Here in this Yahoo Customer Service Number guide user can learn how to mark a Yahoo email as spam.

Way to Sign into Yahoo Account


Sign into Yahoo Account

  • Tap email in your Yahoo inbox which you think is spam. You can choose various email messages also.
  • Then open the spam mail.
  • Click to More symbols link.
  • Pick Mark as spam from the menu that will show up.
  • Right tap on the spam email and then you need to select “This is spam”.

Now your email is marked as spam and will move to the spam email folder.

Blocking Messages on Yahoo Mobile Device?


Blocking Messages on Yahoo Mobile Device

It is unimaginable to expect to block any email address through the Yahoo mail application or Yahoo! Mail mobile. It is basic that you sign in to Yahoo through the desktop of Yahoo Mail so as to block spam mail in Yahoo account.

Open the mail which you are certain that you received through the subscribed mailing list.

  1. At the last of the email you can discover the Unsubscribe link showing up in the specific small text styles.
  2. After that you have to scroll down and tap to Unsubscribe.
  3. In some uncommon cases, you may not discover the “Unsubscribe” option. In such cases, you can check the email as spam. By doing this, you will quit getting unwanted email messages in your Yahoo mail account from the Emailing lists.

My Yahoo Spam Filter Isn’t Working? What to Do??


Effective Tips to keep you from spam messages in Yahoo Account


spam messages in Yahoo Account


  • Don’t revert to the messages that guarantee you to unsubscribe from the different mailing lists.
  • Do not give your email ids on various sites. You ought to give your email address just on the trusted website.
  • Never tap suspicious link on any site or any received email message.

Regardless if you have a feeling that you need technical help you get the most incentive for your money, call us at Yahoo Support Contact Number via toll-free 0800 098 8400.

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