Beginning Your First Dissertation? Step by Step Guide to Structure and Content!

To finish a PhD program. It is a long piece of work you write based on the research at the given time. It is done after deep research and proper completion of the writing.

When students start writing a dissertation for the first time, they often face problems with this. To ease things a bit, dissertation help UK is giving a step-by-step guide to starting the write-up.

Here Are the Steps to Start Your Academic Work

Page Title

Every dissertation starts with the title page. It contains the project title, institution, program type, guide’s name, and the student’s name. In addition, many universities have a format that requires a logo and other details.


It is an optional step if a student is willing to include it. It contains a thank you note for all the people who helped them out with completing the dissertation. They can be their family, friends, or tutor who guides them through their difficulties.


It is an essential part of the dissertation. You are to write it at the very end when completing the paper, as all the details come under this. The things that should be mentioned in the document are the summary of the whole paper and the brief conclusion that gives a proper idea of the entire document.

Table of Contents

In this section, students have to cover all the information regarding the paper. Therefore, all the figure details, as well as all the page numbers according to the data, are provided. This is included to make things easy for the guide to go to a particular section whenever he marks it.


The introduction is the part in which students must include all the details regarding what is coming inside the full dissertation. Then, to contextualize the work, give the necessary information of the paper. The reader should be clear by reading the introduction about what scholars are here to convey about the research, what, where and when it is done.

Literature Review

It is the part of the document that includes all the information regarding the data provided in the research paper. Therefore, it must include all the finely researched information and make the interlinks between the data provided. In this case, students can do a descriptive summary of the document. Moreover, they can explain the theoretical framework of the dissertation.


After completing the literature review, they can move on to the methodology section. In this, students have to include all the data from where they have researched. Why did you choose that particular topic for the research? Where it is being implemented or performed to prove the point they included in the dissertation.


The part where students include the data tells what they have performed in the research and the circumstances. How do they convey the details and benefits which relate to the data? To add value to their text, scholars add figures and graphs to the result and give extra and relatable information to the reader.


The conclusion is the short and brief description of all the work presented in the full dissertation paper. It should be clear about the things included in the document.


The references are the sources from which students have taken help on the online platform. Scholars can provide the reference list to the document. The references are included as per the university standards. There are multiple options available according to the university; pupils must take care of that.


Students facing problem in writing dissertation for the first time can follow the above steps. These are the simple steps that one can go through and an start writing their academic assignment. If then also if scholars are facing problem they can seek many different dissertation help UK service that can provide them with the the well researched written document.

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