Guide to the Best Web-Based Trade Document Software- Part 1

Global trade and the technology driving this trade has advanced to a point where you will always find intense competition amidst every new development that takes place. While this competition keeps service providers on their toes, it is the end-users who find it difficult to choose the trade document software that could help them with their objectives and aspirations. 


Whenever an enterprise looks to lock in on some new technology for its process flows, it’s important for them to carefully analyze the factors they need to sort with this technology in question. This answer will partly be derived from the present practices, and partly from the past experiences. 


This is where web-based trade document management makes its presence felt. With its technology focused on generating the required documentation on behalf of both importers and exporters, there are a lot of things that work for a good one. 


We will be describing a few features that should be on your list when you go out there to select an export documentation software for you. 


1- A Complete Compliance Database


Compliance databases are very crucial for any trading enterprise as there’s a lot of information that needs to be managed in the right manner. Tariff codes, bindings and rulings, packaging, pricing, as well as much more of this information can be securely managed with a compliance database. 


A firm truly needs a compliance database when an enterprise manufactures the same product in various countries. 


2- Multiple Points of Integration


When looking at either trade finance software or trade document software, make sure that its integration capabilities are well-sorted and attended to. The right software will be able to seamlessly integrate with all your backend systems for a sordid flow of information. 


For such a vendor, you can always ask for the certifications that speak of client stories where the integration abilities were just what they wanted.

3- Automated-Broker Interface Connectivity


The connectivity of ABI, or automated broker interface, is another important feature that you need to be on the lookout for, as once this interface gets certified by the customs board, importers can get themselves to file electronic data. The certification makes a trading enterprise able to control every step of the process, from production to making the final sale in the market. 


4- The Degree of Flexibility


Because the entire trade ecosystem is very dynamic and changes happen pretty quickly, the export documentation software you choose must offer a lot of options in flexibility too. This is why your software should have configuration abilities so that expensive reconfiguration costs can be eliminated. 


So, these are the four features that we think are important for you when it comes to selecting the right web-based trade document software. In the second installment of this same post, we will be highlighting the four further features for getting the right software. Till then, what you can do is visit the Trade Technologies website and understand what the software is all about. 


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