Guide to the IQ Option Leaderboard

One of the ways to know whether an options trading platform is legit or not is by finding out if traders actually make money on it. It’s difficult tracking down traders and asking them whether they are making money trading. Most will actually avoid discussing their earnings with you.

IQ Option has a feature that solves both problems – the leaderboard. That’s what I’ll cover in this short guide.

What is the IQ Option leaderboard?

This is a unique feature that allows you to quickly view which traders have made the most money on the platform over a period of 1 week. The traders are arranged in descending order with the person with the most gross profit being ranked number 1.

Besides top traders, the leaderboard also allows you to see your current rank. That is, how your earnings compare with other traders’ earnings on the Bitcoin Trading Platform.

Viewing the IQ Option leaderboardThis feature is located on the left hand panel of your trading interface. Simply click on “Leaderboard” and a list of profitable traders will appear.

How to use the leaderboard

Find out your rank worldwide and in your countryBesides knowing how your profits compare to traders across the globe, you can also compare it against traders in your country. This can be done by clicking on the drop down field marked “Worldwide” and selecting “In your country”.

Find out which countries have the most profitable traders

Once you click on the “Worldwide” drop down, your country appears on the top. But you’ll also notice that the countries with the most profitable traders is ranked number 1 to 10. You can scroll down this list to find out what rank your country is. This list also helps you to know where the top traders on IQ Option come from.

Find out which assets the most profitable traders are currently trading

This is a small hack to identify which assets the most profitable traders are investing in at the moment. One of the skills successful traders have is identifying asset classes that can make profit within a short period of time.

To do this, simply hover your cursor over the specific trader. IQ Option will create a pop up that shows the trader’s name, gross profit, account type (if it’s VIP or not) and the asset they’re currently trading. Note that the trader might be trading on their practice account. But IQ Option will indicate this on the pop up.

Important things to remember when using the leaderboardNote that the IQ Option leaderboard only shows gross profit. That is, the total of all profitable trades made. The losing trades aren’t taken into account meaning the earnings displayed might be slightly higher than the trader’s net profit.

Another thing worth noting is that you can still view the leaderboard even if you don’t have a real account. However, profits generated from the practice account aren’t considered. This means that only traders using real money accounts are listed on this feature.

That’s it about the IQ Option leaderboard. Head over to your IQ Option interface and use this feature to know how you rank among the world’s trading community.

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