Guide to Using Amazon’s Echo Devices as Home-Wide Intercom

Echo is a brand of smart speakers created by Amazon that brings Artificial Intelligence (AI) to your home. It uses voice assistant Alexa who listens to your command and completes your tasks within seconds. It is extremely easy to use and its features include voice recognition, fetching latest news updates, food recipes, and it can also make and receive calls on your behalf. Amazon’s Echo devices have seen an improvement over the past few years as they have launched multiple Alexa supporting smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo Show 5, Amazon Echo Studio, Amazon Echo 3rd Gen, Amazon Echo 2nd Gen, Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen, etc. You get the best sound quality in these smart speakers and some of them also have LCD touch-screen displays and cameras on them.

If you are someone whose home is completely covered with Amazon Echo’s devices, then you can use the ‘Drop In’ feature to bring a quick and easy intercom at your home. You must be aware of Amazon’s Drop In features as something that helped you to send voice messages from one to another Alexa power device. For instance, you could use the ‘Drop In’ feature from the Amazon Echo in your kitchen to Amazon Echo’s other device located in your room and vice-versa. Similarly, your Amazon Echo device can speak to other Amazon Echo supported devices from other rooms all at the same time. This way, you can connect to your family members from any room without increasing your voice. But remember that you will require at least three devices to get started with this in-built “Drop In” feature.

Now, let’s look at the facts about “what drop in feature actually is” and “how to set it up” on your Echo.


Drop-In is, basically, an optional feature that you can use to connect instantly to any Alexa supportive device for intercom purposes. It enables you to have a group conversation under your Amazon Echo that supports the household. It is more like a calling feature, but the only difference relies on the fact that it doesn’t require an answer. So it can be used for sending and receiving voice messages as well. And due to this feature, one drawback would be that it will send and receive messages that were not meant to be sent.

The setup process is straightforward. You have to register in the Amazon echo devices for calling and messaging features. To register yourself,

Open the Alexa app on your smartphone that runs on iOS 10.0, Android OS 5.1, Fire OS, or higher.
Tap on the Communication icon that looks like a speech bubble and follow the instructions given on-screen to verify your mobile number.
Your set-up is partially complete. If you want to enjoy the benefit of making and receiving calls from your speakers, you’ll have to follow one more step, and it will allow you to answer calls, even if your mobile runs out of battery. But you have to be a SIM-only and pay-monthly customer. Text Alexa to 150 and follow the instructions on your mobile screen to set this feature on your Amazon Echo.

After getting yourself registered on the Alexa app, grant the permission to Alexa to use the drop-in features. Enable this feature by going to the Alexa apps and click on the Conversations. Then tap on Contacts and switch on the toggle for “Allow Drop In.” Command your Alexa by saying that “Alexa, Drop In on {the name of the device you want it to connect} to get started. If you’re going to connect it to all of the devices at once, command your Alexa device by saying, “Alexa drop in on all devices.” The audio intercom call will begin in all the rooms at once, and you can send and hear anything from any room.

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SOurce:- Guide to Using Amazon’s Echo Devices as Home-Wide Intercom

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