Guide: Types of Men’s Leather Boots

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Leather boots have long been a symbol of strength, durability, and style. But while leather boots have long been worn by ranchers, miners, loggers, soldiers, cowboys, and other hardworking individuals, they also have gained popularity among the general population. Our selection of leather boots for men includes classic styles like cowboy boots and Lace-topped boots that are both stylish and practical whether you’re working or kicking back. Leather boots have been around for a long time, but they’re still as relevant as ever. In fact, the earliest leather boots date back thousands of years to the Bronze Age. Yet through all these years, boots have remained an article of clothing that can be worn season after season. No matter if you choose a pair ideal for professional wear or for a more casual look, a well-made pair of leather boots can last for years if properly cared for.

The benefits of real leather shoes-

Toe cap brogue

1. Breathability-

This pair of lace-up shoes feature breathability in leather shoes. Breathable airy material lines the interior of the upper giving them a cool feel. Bring on the heat wave.

2. Style-
Leather shoes are beautiful, comfortable, and made to last. These soft leather linings will keep your feet cool and dry. Leather soles offer excellent traction for everyday wear, and their leather uppers resist stains and scuff marks for a polished look that lasts. 

3. Durability-
The leather shoes are durable and long-lasting. The leather comes from the skin of animals, typically cattle. There are three types used for shoes; pig skin, cow skin, and sheep skin. The latter is the most expensive and considered to be the best quality available.

4. Water Resistance-
Lightweight, flexible, and water resistant , these leather shoes for men are ready for your daily adventures. With the high traction outsole you won’t worry about slippery surfaces. Feel secure knowing that with flex zones on each shoe, your feet will be supported at every step whether you’re running on hard or soft ground.

5. Better fit & Comfort-
The leather shoes provide a more comfortable fit by molding around the foot, while keeping a quality appearance. The leather shoe is a higher-end article of apparel made from the hide of various animals, usually cattle. It consists of a soft, strong material that molds itself comfortably to the foot while permitting freedom of movement, and is manufactured using the same methods as other leather products.

6. Easy to Clean-
Hard working, stylish, and easy to wear, the leather shoe is made of soft, supple leathers. With a removable insole for easy cleaning, the leather shoe is the perfect choice for all occasions. Capable of being dressed up or down, it’s a style you’ll wear for years.

7. Smells Good-
Smell something good? It’s the leather (or suede) on these men’s shoes. Made with long-lasting leather (or suede) upper materials, these shoes stand out for their beautiful design.

8. Eco-Friendly-
Leather shoes are made from the finest hides. It’s a classic round toe derby with a genuine leather sole. The supersoft calfskin lining, welted sole and comfortable padded insole add to the luxury of the shoe, while Venetian handstitching at the toe adds a luxurious final touch.

Types of Men’s Boots-

Chelsea Boot-Chelsea boot 1

Chelsea boots have been a traditional favourite since the first ones were made over a hundred years ago. These leather shoes are an easy to wear pair for every man with a plain upper and lower gum sole with elastic sides. Designed as a versatile piece of footwear, chelsea boots lend themselves beautifully to style whatever the occasion. These Chelsea boots for men are crafted from genuine leather and given a Goodyear welt to make them hard-wearing and long lasting.

From the classic Collection, Chelsea boots for men are made of quality leather and detailed with a simple, clean toe and understated laces and buckle. Crafted on a rubber sole that is flexible and durable, these handsome men’s footwear pieces will be your new go-to shoes – wearing them with everything from chinos to denim – pair with everything from trousers to dressier looks.

Chukka Boot-Orkney chukka boot

Chukkas are great footwear for outdoor activities. They are durable, long-lasting and usually waterproof. Chukka boots are ankle length shoes that are made out of suede leathers, nubuck leathers or smooth leathers. With its unique rubber sole, it has the perfect amount of grip and traction so you can wear them in all seasons. It is also great for people with wide feet.

Dress Boot-Chelsea boot 3

Adding a splash of western flair to the modern man’s wardrobe, Barker boots are handcrafted from full-grain leather, and feature a contrast stitch for a clean, sharp look. Sized to move with your stride, Boots are comfortable, supportive and built to last a lifetime. The waterproof membrane keeps you dry. Extra-thick cork footbeds cradle every contour of your feet while an anatomically correct fit provides support where needed most. With superior materials and unsurpassed craftsmanship you get boots that fit the way they should feel. Also available for women. Browse Barker’s collection of Black, Brown leather shoes for men.




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