Guided Steps to Recover Google Account When Forgot Password Issue

Google platform is known to all users due to its excellent features, and services. Google is a  big technology. organisation that delivers a wide range of It services and host services such as Gmail email service, entertainment, news, and social media services.

Therefore, all services are accessible just by simply using Google account credentials.

However, sometimes the users reported an issue of forgetting the password of their Google account, but also recovered the account efficiently. So, if you are unable to log in to your Google and Gmail account due to forgetting or lost password issues. Then don’t be upset. You can recover your Google account password with the easiest recovery options. These recovery ways such as registered phone number, alternative email address, security questions, and date of birth.

So, let’s see the simple procedure and steps to Google Account Recovery.

Way 1: Google Account Recovery By Email Address

  • First, navigate to the Google account recovery page by opening any web browser.
  • Enter the Google/Gmail email Id. Press the ‘Next’.
  • Then, select the ‘I Forgot my Password’ option, and tap on ‘Next’.
  • Choose a recovery email address option.
  • Then you will get a  verification code sent by Google to your email address.
  • Enter that code in the required text box. Tap on ‘Next’.
  • Then enter a new password twice in the required text boxes.
  • Done.

Way 2: Recover Google Account By Phone Number:

  • First, go to open the Google account recovery page with the help of any web browser
  • Then, Google the email address for which you need to recover the password. Tap on the ‘Next Button.
  • Tick the option ‘Forgot My password’.
  • Then tap on ‘Try another method’,  if the phone number option is not appearing. Then again tap on the  ‘Try another method’ option.
  • Check your recovery mobile number where you have received verification code by SMS.
  • Then enter that code in the verification box.
  • Now create a new password and enter the confirmed password into another text box.
  • Donne.

Way 3: Google Account recovery By Security Question

  • Intialay, open a recovery page of Google account.
  • Then, mention the Google account email Id and then click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Tick the option ‘Forgot password. Then tap on ‘Try another method.
  • Follow the next step, and find & choose the option ‘security question’ to ’Google account recovery.
  • Now mention the appropriate answers to required security questions.
  • Then create a new password. Then enter the password again in the confirm text box.
  • That’s it.
  • Now you can log into your Google account with a new password. Then access all the Google services as well as Gmail email fruitfully.

However, in the circumstances, if you fail to accomplish the process of recovering your Google account by the above-mentioned steps. Then you don’t need to worry. You can contact the Google live person to take guidance to process the reset or recover google account. Therefore, the live people are available 24/7 for user assistance, and they are very qualified and proficient to fix all types of Google account issues.  So that you can get in touch with Google support live person experts anytime and get prompt help to solve the Google account & services-related issues.

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