Guidelines for HP Officejet Pro 9025 Setup & install – 9025

Bought home a new HP Officejet pro 9025 printer? Want to get guidance for printer setup?

 Make use of the following guidelines below to set up the HP Officejet pro 9025 printer:

  • At first, you have to peel off the tape on the HP Officejet pro printer package using a knife or scissors.
  • Next, please take out the printer by folding its flaps and gently placing it on a smooth surface.
  • After that, ensure to clear off all the packaging materials inside and outside the HP Officejet pro 9025 printer.
  • And now, remove the HP printer’s styrofoams from either side and start with the 9025
  • Secondly, you have to turn on the HP Officejet pro 9025 printer.
  • Make use of the power cord that came along the printer to perform this.
  • Moreover, attach one end of the power cable to HP Officejet pro 9025 printer and the other end to the electrical
  • Press the power button on the HP Officejet pro 9025 printer front panel to proceed with the other 9025.
  • Besides, the HP Officejet pro 9025 printer will start to communicate using prompts.
  • In its first prompt, the HP printer will ask you to insert the ink cartridges.
  • Unpack the new ink cartridges that came with the printer package.
  • Further, you have to load the ink cartridges gently one by one into their respective slot.
  • And wait until to hear its locking sound for confirmation.
  • Likewise, dust a pile of recommended paper and get ready to place it on the input tray.
  • And then, you must draw the input tray and keep the papers on it and make sure to adjust its width guides.
  • Also, you must extend the output tray.
  • Finally, the HP Officejet pro 9025 printer will recognize all the activities and begin to align the ink cartridges.
  • This HP Officejet pro 9025 printer will print the alignment page, and you must verify the alignment that you want.


Download the HP Officejet pro 9025  driver file:

  • At first, you must open a web browser and reach the HP supports site.
  • You must input the model number and choose the drivers and downloads section.
  • Moreover, select your operating system from the list.
  • Check with your computer settings and then choose the version of the operating system.
  • Finally, click the download button and start with the installation process.
  • Access the driver file location and double click.
  • Proceed with the on screen prompt, to begin with, the installation.

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