Guidelines for Roku setup

Activation guidelines

 Roku setup

  • To start with, fix the cables
  • Find the power port to fix the power cable
  • Find the HDMI port to fix the HDMI cable
  • For older models,  use composite audio video cables
  • For new models, HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 are the compatible ports available
  • Roku account creation is the next step
  • If you do not have a Roku account, create an account visiting the page
  • For account login, use the URL,
  • For device linking process, go to the page
  • Type the Roku activation code after clicking on the URL, Roku. Com/link
  • Let us help you to troubleshoot errors
  • You can refer the troubleshooting guide
  • Its time to activate your favorite Roku channel and it’s the channel store where you can add the channel
  • Free, paid and private channels are available and it’s your interest to select  the best channel that you like
  • Enjoy streaming and  you are invited to explore the world of entertainment

Common Roku Setup Troubleshooting 

  • Check the activation code and  activation page,
  • The speed of the network must be active
  • Device restart and reset can help
  • Replace  your device with a new one and check if the errors resolve

For activation guidelines, use the Roku support number +1-888-213-9210  and we have a team of techies who can help you 24/7


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