Guidelines To Buy Home Appliances

By the twenty first century, we’ve all become accustomed to certain gadgets and home appliances that make our everyday living a lot easier. From the time we wake up, till we sleep, these electronic assistants ensure we have our morning cup of coffee (or tea) to making our rooms cool when we retire. But when buying any electronic appliances, what are the things we should be careful about? Aside from the budget, there are many other points that need to be taken into consideration. We’ve put together a list of guidelines that will help you shop for appliances that are right for you, right for your home and right for the planet too.

The Right Size For Your Home

Whenever you are buying an appliance, either online or from an electronics store, you need to know where you are going to accommodate it in your home, especially if it is a large appliance. Make space for it, measure the space and then get down to selecting the appliance that will work best within the space you’ve made for it.

Electric and Water Connection

For any appliance, you will need an electric connection and for some you may need a water connection. Ensure that the voltage of the appliance is supported by the electric connection available at home. Make sure you have a water connection available for appliances that require one.

Energy Rating on Kitchen and Home Appliances

Be it any product category, there is an energy label with stars that accompanies the appliance. From refrigerators, air conditioners to washing machines and dryers, the energy star label tells you how energy efficient the home or kitchen appliance is. The rule of thumb, the more the stars the more energy efficient it is. This is crucial as it will help you understand how the appliance will affect your utility bill and how using it will affect the planet as well. Always look for appliances that have a higher energy star rating.


Large appliances usually are quite expensive, especially if you are buying one from a trusted and renowned brand. Look at financing available, either by the store or your credit card, to make it easy on your pocket. You’d rather pay monthly installments than pay a lumpsum for the appliance. Go through the terms and conditions carefully before opting for an EMI.

After Sales Care

Your journey to select an appliance does not end once you’ve bought it from a trusted home appliance store. Enquire about the after sales care as well. They should provide prompt service and should be able to provide genuine parts for any wear-tear that might occur. Opt for an AMC (annual maintenance contract), if available, to ensure that the appliance lasts long after its warranty period expires.

These guidelines should go a long way in helping you make the right choice in buying home appliances. Remember to have a long term vision when buying anything, i.e. how much it is going to cost to maintain and sustain the appliance.  But most of all, remember to use and enjoy your buy to the fullest.

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